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Best Crystals for Beginners

January 08, 2023 by Psychic Gaia x4273
Discover the best starter crystals for beginners!
Discover the best starter crystals for beginners!

Crystals are beautiful and can be a powerful and inspirational tool for deeper spiritual work if used intentionally. When it comes to the best crystals for beginners, there are many to choose from!

Today, we often see stones available at gift shops, metaphysical boutiques, and spiritual stores. Many people can become intimated by the magic of crystals, but they're really easy to use and enjoy. The more we learn about crystals, the more they will work for us.  Even those who consider themselves new to the world of crystals can still find benefits from using this beginner’s crystal guide and seeing how these pieces influence their lives for the better. Below, learn more about crystals and read about four starter crystals that everyone can benefit from.


Crystals Across the Ages

The interest in stones and crystals dates back to the beginning of humankind. The first historical reference to using crystals came from the Ancient Sumerians, who included stones in their magic practices. Ancient Egyptians used lapis lazuli, turquoise, carnelian, and emerald for good health, to improve their sleep and dreams, and to purge evil spirits. The Egyptians also used crystals for cosmetics. The Ancient Greeks used crystals in a variety of ways as well. Greek sailors wore various amulets to keep them safe at sea, and soldiers would rub hematite on their bodies before battle. They have also played a role in all world religions.

The beginnings of crystal healing is thought to start in 1609 when a German court physician likened a virtue of a gemstone to the presence of good or bad angels. Later in the 19th century, many experiments were conducted to demonstrate the effects of stones on those who claimed to be clairvoyant. Crystals received a surge of interest with the new age movement in the 1980s. During this time, crystals reemerged to include exploration with channeling and healing. Today, crystals are everywhere. Many people are drawn to various stones at different times in their lives depending on what they want to increase or focus their energy on.


Starting to Learn About Crystals

Anyone can use crystals for their benefit. Most experts agree that when selecting a stone, you should allow the crystal to choose you. To do this, hold the rock in your hand and go with the stone that calls to you. When you enter a shop selling crystals, look through all the stones and see if any particular color, stone, or shape calls to you. This is most likely the crystal communicating that its use is essential for you now. The use of crystals is very personal, and intuition plays a large role in crystal selection.

Before using a stone, it is essential to clear the energy and charge your crystals overnight in the moonlight. You can hold the stone and program the rock in the morning with your desired intention. This will allow you to develop a close relationship with the crystal and begin to really enjoy the benefits of that particular stone. We often need different crystals at different points in our lives. Be sure to listen to your inner guidance above all. Ignore what crystal looks cool or what your friends are buying. Always go with your heart and trust your gut when making any crystal purchase.


Best Starter Crystals for Beginners

Here are four great starter crystals to begin with:

  • Rose Quartz: Rose quartz is a beautiful and loving pink stone. The use of rose quartz dates back as far as 7,000 B.C. You can find rose quartz anywhere — most gift shops and metaphysical stones sell it, and it’s often featured in jewelry and essences. It is a stone of love and a powerful healing crystal.  It can help to increase love, joy, emotional healing, and heartwarming. 
  • Clear Quartz: Clear quartz is a popular stone in the crystal community. It is an amazing stone for clearing energy. In the middle ages, it was the material of choice for clairvoyants. In Egypt, it was used to channel energy. For the Japanese, it was also highly regarded. It was believed to come from the breath of white dragons and was highly respected for its mysticism. It is excellent for emotional clearing and awakening.
  • Amethyst: This is an excellent stone for calmness and sleep. Those suffering from night terrors and insomnia may benefit from placing the stone in their bedroom. Its beautiful purple color is known for its connection to the crown chakra.
  • Carnelian: This is a beautiful sunset stone with bright orange and ripples of red. It is connected to the root chakra and helps to give feelings of safety and grounding. It can also help people to bring out their warrior spirit and use their authentic voice.


Crystals are a wonderful addition to the regular spiritual practice and can be so much fun to collect. Over time, you can develop loving relationships with your stones, and like anything, with care and attention, their powers will only increase. Remember to care for your stones and work with intentions to maximize the benefits you will see in your life. If you're seeking healing and want to know which crystals would benefit you most, contact me or another Psychic here at PathForward. We can also offer you a reading using crystals for further divination and energy clearing.


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