Dreaming About Your Crush, What Does it Mean?
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Dreaming About Your Crush, What Does it Mean?

February 05, 2023 by Psychic Christine x4063
Have you been dreaming about your crush? Wondering what it means? Psychic Christine has your back!
Have you been dreaming about your crush? Wondering what it means? Psychic Christine has your back!

As I prepared for this article, a song kept popping up, “Dreams” by Fleetwood MacRumours album (1977). Do you know that song? When I hear it, I sense unspoken messages. Have you been dreaming about your crush and uncertain what that means? We all dream. Sometimes we remember our dreams, and sometimes not so much. 60% of people dream about people they know, and 95% dream about their romantic love (crush) once a month, at a minimum. Dreaming is more about our life than the person we dream of - even if you had an amazing dream about your crush. These romantic dreams can also indicate our unrealistic wishes or insecurities around our life: physical, mental, or spiritual. Are you getting messages from beyond? If not, let me help you decipher.

Dreams are your subconscious mind processing. Don’t assume that your crush is thinking of you as you dream of them. It only indicates that you are thinking of them. This cosmic experience is a window into our soul. A person may represent a part of your life that needs more focus. Repetition not only indicates that they’re relevant - but it may be in a way you don’t expect. It could be a relationship, or you’re processing a challenging part of life. Dreams may not have a direct connection to our daily life. However, romantic dream meanings are not always easy to interpret.

Positive Thoughts around Crush Dreaming

If you have a dream about your crush, it’s normal, especially if you are young and trying to figure it all out. It’s also a fun escape. But, if you want more information about your dreams, start by being curious and open-minded. If you think of your crush non-stop during the day, you open the doors to these dreams in your subconscious mind. You have fertile ground to explore if you also revisit the topic before sleep. It’s natural to dream about parts of life that make us happy. Our dreams help fulfill our desires, even if we have not reached those goals yet in daily life. Our brain never sleeps, it needs to be awake to keep us alive. So, the brain brings attention to our wants and needs and brings up anything that got our attention or made an impression on us.

Common Crush Dreams:

  1. Crush Likes You Too. This is a clear sign that your inner trust, self-love, and confidence are vital. You are highlighting your ability to move forward in love.
  2. Celebrity Crush. You find them approachable, inspired by them, or find them attractive.
  3. Someone Crushes on You. You truly have a crush on them but aren’t admitting it to yourself yet, or you need to admit you’re proud of yourself.

Negative Possibilities Around Crush Dreaming

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) believed that we dream about what we cannot do in life as a way to process our emotions. There’s not simply one right or wrong answer with crush dreams or any dream, and it’s up to interpretation. When a love interest or crush shows up in your dreams, it makes a lot of sense since you are spending much time, effort, and energy fixated on this person. Our mind likes to process this energy, and what better way to delve into it than the subconscious mind?

If you have a dream about your crush that appears negative or scary, it likely reflects your worries and concerns about this person or the connection. Maybe life is moving too fast or too slow for your comfort zone with romance, and it is not a clear indication that they are bad for you.

Common Crush Dreams

  1. Crush On a Stranger. It might mean you’re ready for a relationship, to meet new people, and grow. But, if you are in a committed relationship, this sign indicates you aren’t happy or fulfilled with your current situation.
  2. Old Crush. Often this indicates you’ve not fully gotten over them or still have lessons to learn to be happier before you can comfortably move on.
  3. Argue with Crush. Your mind is alerting you that it may be time to walk away, stand up for yourself, or re-evaluate this bond.
  4. My Crush Is Ignoring Me. This can be a wake-up call that you are not giving yourself the attention you deserve. If there is one apparent ‘reason’ in the dream: it’s often a topic you feel you’re lacking.
  5. Crush On Someone You Dislike. How confusing. Take some deep breaths. You don’t want to be with this person, but maybe there are qualities about this person that you wish you had. Perhaps you can learn something here…
  6. Death Of  Your Crush. This is rarely the nightmare you imagine. Have you stopped liking that person and want them to go away?

Adopt a more neutral approach to dream interpretation with your crush dreams. These are not as literal as they first appear. Like pulling a ‘Death Card’ in Tarot - it does not mean you or someone you know is dying. It can be a cycle in life that is over. Similarly, dreams often are metaphors for us to learn from, so we can get out of stuck patterns - or have the courage to move in new directions. What can you learn from your dreams about your crush? They can bring new ideas and motivation for action, or they may scare you and stop you in your tracks. Allow time to process these dreams about your crush before taking extreme action or feeling stuck with your emotions. Your subconscious is talking to you. Listen with your heart to what is being shared. Take your time.

Intuitive Crush Dreams

When we crush, we dream. This delightful communication method does not use the ego or personality of your conscious, rational mind. All Dreams utilize intuitive information and spiritual guidance to help you through human struggles and spiritual healing. There may be relevant and tangible insights brought to light via intuition about your relationships or crushes. Feel into this and do your best to quiet the mind and listen to the quiet messages of your soul.


Our dreams occur to help us understand ourselves better or draw attention to something we are ignoring or are not even aware of. If you are crushing on another and having romantic dreams, how exciting. But how are you taking care of yourself? Self-love and self-care are essential before you expect another to meet your needs. You are a great person and deserve love. Be curious, open, and allow. Consider a bedside dream journal to record your dreams, questions, and aha’s… Contact me or another Love Psychic here at PathForward who specializes in dream interpretation. Let us know how we can help you!


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