Medium Psychic Readings: It's Time To Pick Up the Phone
Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!
Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

Medium Psychic Readings: It's Time To Pick Up the Phone

May 06, 2024 by Samantha
When the time is right, speaking to a Psychic Medium can provide unparalleled comfort in a time of grief.
When the time is right, speaking to a Psychic Medium can provide unparalleled comfort in a time of grief.

Have you ever talked to a psychic medium or had a psychic medium reading? If the answer is no, then let me share my perspective.  

TBH, before I knew what a medium was, it sounded intimidating af. Think Oda Mae Brown, Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost – IYKYK! The media has a way of over-dramatizing ghosts, fortune-telling, and Psychics. It's no wonder people associate the spirit world with horror. But when done right (ixnay on the Ouija Board), making the connection to spirit is an incredibly beautiful experience that can have a lasting impact on your life. Speaking with a professional Psychic Medium is an experience that you just gotta try! 

The first time I spoke with a Medium was by accident - many of the Psychics at PathForward are multi-gifted. I called an Astrologer to get insight into my zodiac sign during Mercury retrograde because everything seemed to be going wrong at work. In the final minutes of reading, my Psychic said to me – "I hope you don't mind, but there is a spirit with the initials WM who has been buzzing me this entire time to give you a message. Please tell your grandmother to watch out for the water." My grandfather's name was Wayne M., and a few weeks later, my grandmother had a leak in her washer that flooded her basement. 

For me, the idea of speaking with a Medium sounded cool, but I didn't know the timing in which it would benefit me most. Since my first experience, I've intuitively picked up on signs that a spirit is trying to make contact. Here are a few of my personal stories and ways to tell that it's time to call a Psychic Medium: 

Trust Your Gut Feeling 

Sometimes you just know. Simple as that. You may have a gut feeling that spirit is trying to send you a message. When you get this feeling, listen and act on it. A Medium will channel the message and express the info spirit has been trying to communicate with you. Your intuition is a powerful tool – so use it! 


Signs from Spirit  

Signs that spirit is trying to make contact may come through in animals, particularly birds – they say cardinals are messengers from heaven. Two years ago, there was a bird that kept tapping on my kitchen window. This was going on for a few days around the same time in the afternoon. So, I called a Psychic Medium, and she told me that a feminine spirit was telling me to get ready for motherhood. Six months later, oh baby, I was pregnant! 

From electrical oddities to seeing repeat numbers and lucid dreams, signs/messages from spirit can come through in many different ways. Remember, if you see a sign, it's probably legit. Don't let counter-intuitiveness get the best of you. Listen to your intuition and act on it. 


Finding Closure After Loss  

Life ain’t easy. Tragedies happen and loved ones pass away too soon. For me, one of my good friends got caught in the web of opioids. His addiction took over, he became severely depressed, and he passed away from an overdose. He was loved by so many, and his death was devastating. 

In mourning I felt sad for him and worried that he was not at peace. So, I called a called a psychic medium to see if she could make contact with his spirit. My psychic medium made the connection and saw him handing me a bouquet of pink roses with a larger-than-life smile. She said that he wants me to stop feeling sorry for him and that life is too short to spend time worrying. The way my medium conveyed the messages she shared was so “him.” I found closure, felt joy, and was at peace with my loss. 

If you’ve recently lost a loved one (sending you so much love) a Psychic Medium can help you gently (and safely) connect to the other side. And if you’re seeking to switch things up in your PathForward journey this is one type of reading you won’t regret!  


With Love, 



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Your PathForward Blogger Samantha
“If you’re feeling inspired, I recommend chatting with a Psychic who specializes in this area of expertise. And remember, YOU are smart, strong, and capable of anything you set your mind to!” – Your PathForward Blogger Samantha



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