Behind the Scenes with a Professional Psychic
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Magick And Mundanity: Behind the Scenes with a Professional Psychic

May 10, 2024 by Psychic Raina x4177
Discover what it's like walking a mile in the shoes of a Psychic!
Discover what it's like walking a mile in the shoes of a Psychic!

When I tell someone that I am a writer, life coach, and psychic, what piques their interest most is always the latter. "What's it like being a psychic," they ask with big eyes and raised eyebrows. Being a psychic is so far removed from the movies. I don't sit in my draped parlor warning patrons, "You in danger, girl." In fact, the only similarities that can be drawn to the old trope of veiled mystique would be my love of crystals and colorful fingernails. No crystal ball, I'm afraid. Let me give you a real glimpse behind the scenes with a professional psychic.

Professionally, I am a businesswoman, coach, counselor, daughter, sister, auntie, and rescue-dog mom, who often blurs the lines between reader and friend! Ultimately, my life reminds me that balance is found through living.

Morning Routine for Spiritual Maintenance

I have a chronic illness, so I try to live intuitively. Honoring how much I need to sleep, exercise, eat, and work based on my daily needs. Of course, I encourage my life coaching clients to adopt an intuitive lifestyle, whether they are "spoonies" or not.  ("Spoonie” is a term based on the spoon theory of self-care)

Once my body decides it is time to wake up, the first thing I do while lying in bed is practice mindfulness and presence. I place my headphones by the bed for just this purpose. I will either play ambient music or listen to a guided mindfulness practice on days when my mind is a little noisier. Once my meditation is complete, I perform Reiki on myself and commune with my guides. To avoid a flood of information, I call forth three specific guides, my Reiki guide, my health guide, and my principal Spirit Guide.

Now it's time to cuddle with my rescue pups over coffee before our walk because puppies make everything better! Upon our return, I move my body in a way that honors my current needs. Physical movement is key to spiritual alignment; everyone can do something, even neck rolls or a fun, easy dance to a favorite tune.

Before I start work, I perform my daily hygiene with spiritual intentions for cleansing, alignment, and protection. Who knew a shower could be so magickal!?

Mastering the Healing Hustle

Being a psychic, spiritual life coach, and professional writer requires a good work ethic, a tight schedule, and above all, balance! My mornings flow because my days are "go, go, go." Personal growth and professional development genuinely go hand in hand in my life.

Professional Development

  • I spend 3 hours per week furthering my practical education. For instance, I am studying trauma recovery to bring deeper healing to those needing it.
  • I dedicate 3 hours per week to furthering my spiritual knowledge. I am currently studying Kemetic Spirituality.
  • I take 2-5 hours per week to work on my professional growth. For example, networking as a writer, writing promotional features for PathForward, or meeting for life coaching consultations.

Personal Growth

  • For 1-2 hours per week, I discuss spiritual obstacles and Divine calls to action with my spiritual mentor.
  • I dedicate 2-3 hours per week to receiving supplemental cleansing, alignment, and protection from my spiritual healer.
  • I spend 1-2 hours per week honoring my magickal/ritual practice, cleansing my home and altar, and preparing for Sabbats.

Psychic Workflow

To honor my need for rest and reflection, I don't receive calls or meet with clients daily. On off days, I write. Finally, one day a week, I fully rest. On the days when I log in and take calls, I always give it my all. I am a channel of spiritual wisdom and Divine healing; my mood, energy, and vibration need to be elevated and balanced.

I take breaks between each call to maintain this high vibration, especially when I perform mediumship or encounter intense energy. During the break, I will cleanse and redefine my auric shield and say a little prayer for the last person I spoke with. It is a weighty responsibility and high honor to provide predictions, guidance, and support to those who reach out through PathForward. I love meeting new people!

Our destiny is a blend of free will and Divine timing and order. So, while things often work out as I foresee them, sometimes there is a deviation from earthly expectations. During those times, we can learn much about who we are, gaining meaningful growth. It is always fulfilling to support callers; it's deeply gratifying during those times, guiding them back into the light of their inner glow.


Nightly Routine for Spiritual Nourishment 

Once I log off, I will light a candle on my altar and say a prayer for callers in need. I ask Spirit if there is any additional wisdom for those I spoke to that day, to share the next time we speak. Then I thoroughly cleanse myself of the day's energy. After my remaining appointments, writing commissions, and another stroll with the pooches, because…puppies make everything better! I journal about my feelings or release anything the day's calls may have brought up within me to wipe the slate clean for the next day.

I like to watch a bit of television to decompress because media, just like junk food, or wine, aren't as bad as the spiritual gatekeepers would like to portray, as long as you enjoy it consciously!

Before bed, I read spiritual literature for 30 minutes to an hour. Before I drift off, I commune with Source, my guides, patron deities, and ancestors, being sure to share words of gratitude. Finally, I set an intention that my dreams will be peaceful, prophetic, or healing and my sleep restorative.


Final Thoughts on Being a Psychic

My intentions in sharing this glimpse of my private life are three-fold:

  • To inspire others to adopt an intuitive lifestyle. Life won't fall apart if you don't shrug off the shoulds and shouldn't from time to time.
  • To illustrate how self-care doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming. 
  • To provide an accessible perspective of spirituality. Being psychic or spiritual doesn't negate humanity! 

Let's Connect

Ultimately, spirituality, like being a psychic, is not something supernatural and removed from our day-to-day lives. It is the essence of the happy, healthy, wholesome lives we all deserve. Give me a call or connect with another intuitive Psychic here at PathForward. I look forward to meeting you and bringing a little more spirituality to your life!

Psychic Raina x4177
Psychic Raina is one of the highest rated advisors on PathForward. She is a thoughful communicator specializing in spirituality, romance, and self-love. She employs her gift of Clairsentience to provide accurate readings and Past Life Interpretations.  - Psychic Raina x4177

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