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The Secret Magic of the Tarot and Chakra Healing

March 02, 2022 by Psychic Skye x4085
Chakra Tarot readings are a great tool for self-discovery!
Chakra Tarot readings are a great tool for self-discovery!

Whether you are searching for physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, the tarot offers many magical and mystical ways to facilitate overall well-being. Have you ever just felt out of whack with life? Or perhaps something was off and just wasn't sure what it was? One of the ways I work through this is with a tarot chakra reading. I use all of the cards in a chakra reading, and if a major arcana card shows up, I use their corresponding stones, colors, and scents to invoke balance and healing. 

Our chakras are directly linked to our emotional and physical bodies. If the chakras are balanced, they will release the right amount of energy to keep your body, mind, and spirit healthy. On the other hand, if your chakras are depleted of energy or holding onto too much, it can lead to physical illnesses, spiritual imbalance, and emotional issues. 

Chakras are like swirling wheels of energy where the physical and conscious meet. This energy is called Prana, the vital life force, which keeps us vibrant, healthy, and alive. Each chakra corresponds to massive nerve centers and major organs in the body. Each of the 7 main chakras contains our psychological, emotional, and spiritual states. Teaming the wisdom of the tarot and your own intuition in a chakra reading can help us find the root of the imbalance and give us hints on how to get our energy back on track. 


Here is a quick overview of each chakra 

Root: Our foundation and ability to stay grounded. 

Sacral: Abundance, creativity, and freedom to enjoy life's pleasures. 

Solar Plexus: This chakra is linked to our inner strength and power. 

Heart: Love, compassion, inner peace, and forgiveness. 

Throat: Communication, finding your voice, and speaking your truth. 

Third Eye: Intuition, inner wisdom, and psychic awareness. 

Crown: Spirituality, bliss, and peace. 


For a chakra reading, I simply shuffle the cards and layout seven cards, one for each chakra. The cards will often reflect that some of your energy vortexes are spinning just right, and there is balance in that chakra. Other cards may show through symbols and colors and your own intuition that there may be a desire to look deeper into what may be causing an imbalance in that specific chakra. 

If you are new to the tarot and doing your own spread, you can easily go online and get the detailed meaning of each card you draw. It is also good to listen to your inner voice about what you are picking up from the card you drew and how it might pertain to that chakra. Below are questions I ask each card to clarify what’s causing the chakra blockage, the action I need to take to balance that chakra, and the outcome. 


Root: What do I need to cultivate in my life? 

Sacral: What do I need to release? 

Solar Plexus: How can I feel more self-worth? 

Heart: How can I nurture myself 

Throat: What do I need to express? 

Third Eye: How can I connect to my higher wisdom? 

Crown: What is my message from the Universe? 


To help you understand how to incorporate the tarot into healing and balancing your chakras, here’s a sample reading I did on myself: 


1. Root - Four of Wands 

The Four of Wands depict stability and security, and I consider it to be a very solid card. This card also symbolizes a time of unity with others and a sense of community. Right now, in my life, my sense of community is strong, and I have worked very hard to maintain my sense of security and stability within. My intuition tells me that my root chakra is balanced and running with the right amount of energy. 


2. Sacral - Queen of Swords 

The sacral chakra has always been one that has needed balancing and rebalancing throughout my life. The Queen of Swords reminds me it is time to take charge, let go of my past, and get present to see what I am still holding onto. My intuition tells me this card is prompting me to take action. So I would either do a meditation to release and let go or a simple fire ceremony where I write out a list of everything that is not serving my higher purpose and then throw that list into the fire and let go. 


3. Solar Plexus - Ace of Cups 

My solar Plexus chakra has always been powerful, and with the Ace of Cups being pulled, it signifies that my trust in the Universe and my faith in the Creator helps me keep my sense of power in balance. To me, The Ace of Cups is associated with the Holy Grail, and I believe that the Holy Grail is within me and is my guidepost to lead me on my path. 


4. Heart - Two of Cups 

The Two of Cups is a powerful card that pertains to love and unity. I've been focused on forgiveness, so pulling this card resonated with me for the heart chakra. I felt a calling to place the card directly over my heart to restore peace, harmony, and healing. 


5. Throat - The Empress 

The Empress signifies a strong connection with creative expression. Since I am a speaker of truth and believe our word is our wand, this card resonated with me. My throat chakra feels aligned and in harmony. When I am doing mediations to open up my throat chakra, I often use the gemstone Emerald which is associated with The Empress, because it helps restore balance. 


6. Third Eye - The High Priestess 

I'm grateful for this card appearing in the third eye. The High Priestess is the most intuitive card of the tarot deck - this tells me that this chakra is on point! 


7. Crown - The Hermit 

I feel that the Hermit is asking me to take more time for spiritual study, self-care, introspection, and meditation. This card tells me to take deep care of myself to receive better clarity in the messages revealed from Spirit. 


Do you have questions? Get in touch with me to tap into your energy and chakras with a chakra tarot reading. Or get connected to another expert Psychic here at PathForward.  


Sending you much light and love on your journey.  


Skye x4085

Psychic Skye x4085
“Skye is a trained spiritualist and expert in chakra balancing, reiki, and a host of other energy work practices. Put her powers to work for you and call today!” - Psychic Skye x4085

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