Easy Tarot Card Cleansing To Cleanse And Care for Your Deck
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Easy Tarot Card Cleansing: How To Cleanse And Care For Your Deck

April 26, 2024 by PathForward
Techniques like crystal cleansing can refresh your tarot deck.
Techniques like crystal cleansing can refresh your tarot deck.

Tarot decks have given insight for centuries. If you have your own tarot deck, you'll want to learn how to properly care for it so you can make the most of this powerful tool. Fortunately there several easy tarot card cleansing techniques you can try to keep your favorite deck energetically clean and clear.

Should You Cleanse Your Tarot Deck?

Before diving into the ins and outs of tarot care, let's answer one basic question: Is tarot deck cleansing actually necessary?

It totally is. You know how you feel better after clearing your own personal energy? Your vibe is not only better, and you’re able to tune into the energy around you. The same goes for your tarot deck. Cleansing your deck can get you clearer, more accurate readings. Tarot is a tool for you to channel your intuition, and sometimes that tool needs a quick refresh.

Cleansing your tarot deck can act as a reset, both for the cards and for their reader (you!). You can cleanse negative energy so your deck is fresh and ready to go, allowing the cards to better reflect your circumstances at the moment you're doing a reading instead of clinging to the intentions and emotions from the last time you consulted your deck.

10 Techniques for DYI Tarot Cleansing

So, how can you care for your tarot deck to make the most of your readings? Try these strategies:

  1. Shuffling: You'll want to make shuffling a standard practice before you dive into any reading. Doing so can get you acquainted with your cards if you're using a new deck, but it can also help you reconnect to a deck you're not quite clicking with for whatever reason. Starting with the Major Arcana then going through the deck's suits, put down the cards in order. Then mix things up, letting yourself get chaotic. If you just need a quick reset, a thorough extra shuffle should do the trick.
  2. Crystal cleansing: Crystals like selenite and clear quartz are great tools for cleansing your tarot deck. Try setting your deck on a large, flat crystal or putting a small crystal on top of the deck. You can also go with a crystal the goes with the type of reading you're after, such as rose quartz for a relationship reading.
  3. Salt: Salt is equal parts powerful and accessible, making it ideal for cleansing in a pinch. If your deck needs a reset, simply set it overnight in a bowl of sea salt.
  4. Smudging or smoke cleansing: Smoke is another great method for cleansing a tarot deck. Hold your deck close to the smoke, letting it waft over and around the cards. Lavender and mugwort are two to try.
  5. Sunlight: You know how you feel refreshed when you step outside for a good dose of fresh air and sunlight? The same goes for tarot cards. Just take the cards out for a brief moment and fan them in the fresh air if you're feeling stagnant with the reading process.
  6. Moonlight: If you prefer to charge your cards at night, the moon has you covered. Put your deck near a window during the full moon
  7. Visualization:  You can use visualization to cleanse your deck. Just hold the deck between your hands and close your eyes. Then, visualize a white light that surrounds your deck to pull old energy away from the cards.
  8. Sound: It's not just things you see that can cleanse your cards. Sound is a great tool, too. Bells, music, and singing bowls work well. Even your own voice can be used for sound cleansing.
  9. Knocking: You may have heard that you should knock on a deck three times before you do a reading. This is a really easy way to knock out old energy in a physical sense.
  10. Breathing: That's right. Your own breath is super powerful. If the sun's not out, the moon's in the wrong phase, and you're totally out of salt, you can still cleanse your tarot deck. Just blow a deep breath over your deck to brush away any old energy lingering on the cards.

When Do You Need To Cleanse Your Tarot Deck?

There's never a bad time to cleanse your deck, so you can always feel free to add a moment of cleansing into your routine before you start a reading. That said, there are certain times when you absolutely don't want to skip the cleansing.

That starts with the moment you bring home a new deck, even if you are the first person to actually work with it. Think of all the hands your deck has passed through on its way to you, from the person packaging it to the cashier and beyond. You want to cleanse your new deck of the other energies who handled it before you.

Likewise, you want to give your deck a good cleansing after anyone else uses it. If you have curious friends who handle your deck, it's time to cleanse those cards. You'll also want to cleanse your deck after you go on a trip and take the cards with you. You can pick up a lot of energies inadvertently in unfamiliar places, so cleansing with one of the above methods can reboot your deck and get it back to a good place in terms of energy.

Sometimes, though, the connection with your cards simply feels off, even if you haven't done anything specific to throw off the vibes. Consider those not-quite-right feelings your cue to get to cleansing. Your tarot cards respond to your energy and the energy all around you, so tune into what your cards are holding onto to better assess when they need to be cleansed.

Finally, it bears repeating: Take a moment to cleanse your tarot deck every time you want to do a reading. Cleansing your deck every time you read will help make sure you get the most accurate readings possible.

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