Skip the Sage: 7 Alternatives to Smudging
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Skip the Sage: 7 Alternatives to Smudging

April 22, 2024 by Pathforward
Smudging with white sage isn't the only way to protect and cleanse your spaces; skip it this time and try an alternative.
Smudging with white sage isn't the only way to protect and cleanse your spaces; skip it this time and try an alternative.

Energy cleansing in the new year is key, especially when you want to welcome positive energy and move on from the toxic energies of the past. Smudging is a great way to cleanse a space, but it's a closed practice, meaning it isn't for everyone. White sage is also an endangered plant, meaning you can contribute to environmental sustainability and native plant conservation by choosing an alternative. But with this being the only method many people are taught for smoke cleansing, you may be left wondering, "How do you cleanse without sage?"

If you're getting ready for a smoke cleanse and considering what a good substitute for sage is, there are many options you can try. Here are seven alternatives to smudging that will let you skip the sage during your next spiritual and energetic cleansing.

Purify With Palo Santo Sticks

Palo Santo sticks are special tools made of medicinal wood from South America. Also known as holy wood, these sticks offer a perfect way to perform some smoke cleansing in your home without using sage. Since these sticks come from trees that have already fallen, they're an environmentally sustainable option that's kind to the planet as well as your senses, providing a soothing, strong aroma. 

To cleanse with Palo Santo sticks, you'll also need a candle and a fireproof bowl. After lighting a Palo Santo stick from the flame of the candle, move throughout the room and your entire home to spread the smoke and let it clear your space to make room for clean, positive energy.

Light Natural Incense

You've likely heard of incense before if you're on a spiritual journey, and you might even already have some in your home. Aside from providing great ambiance and pleasant scents, natural incense is also a perfect way to cleanse your spaces of negative energy and low vibrations. There are many different variations of natural incense, giving you the freedom to pick the perfect scent that tickles your fancy and makes you feel relaxed and comforted.

When you're cleansing with natural incense, it's important to set up your incense cone or stick on a holder that will catch the burnt-off incense when it falls. This will help keep your space clean and prevent fire hazards. Once everything is set up, light your incense and carry it around to different areas of your home. This will allow the smoke to move throughout your space and effectively cleanse all your rooms.

Use a Smudging Spray

If you're interested in trying one of the newer ways to cleanse the air around you, find yourself some smudging spray. This involves using an aerosol spray that's formulated specifically for cleansing and spraying it all around the different areas of your home. While this might not be as powerful as smudging with a burning flame, it's a great way to gently cleanse your surroundings without needing as many supplies. 

This can also be an ideal smudging method for people who live in places that don't allow open flames or who want to cleanse the air somewhere an open flame may not be welcome, such as at work or school.

woman using an oil diffuser

Diffuse Essential Oil

Another perfect way to cleanse your space without sage is by doing some energetic cleansing with essential oils. One of the most appealing aspects of using essential oils for cleansing is that you'll have a huge variety of scents and essences to choose from. For example, lemongrass, lavender, mint, and eucalyptus are just a few essential oils that are known to have effective purifying properties. You can even use Palo Santo oil if you have some sticks or essential oil on hand.

There are many ways you can cleanse something with essential oil, but the best option for cleansing an entire space is typically diffusion. Use an essential oil diffuser or humidifier to spread the essential oils throughout your home in a vapor. This will work the same as smoke cleansing, filling your rooms with aromatic purifying power and opening the door for new energies to rush in for you.

Burn Some Resin

You don't need sage for classic smudging; you can use sacred resin instead. Materials such as myrrh and frankincense are perfect alternatives to sage that provide many of the same healing and cleansing powers. There are several other options, such as tree sap, amber, and pinyon pine. 

To cleanse by burning resin, fill a fireproof bowl with sand. Add a piece of charcoal and your resin. After lighting the edge of the charcoal, place it in the sand and sprinkle your herbs or resin around it. This will allow the smoke to build up and spread throughout your home.

Create Your Own Herb Bundles

There are tons of alternative herbs you can use to make your own smudging bundles, such as rosemary, thyme, and lavender. This is an easy way to cleanse without using a protected material. All you need to do is gather some dried stems of your favorite purifying herbs and bind them together using twine. Make sure not to use synthetic string, as this can melt and produce noxious fumes when burning. 

After creating your bundle, light the edge of it on fire. Proceed with smudging as normal, traveling to the different rooms of your home and allowing the smoke to billow into every corner.

Bathe in Ambient Sound

Smoke cleansing isn't the only way to purify the air and energy around you. You can also complete energetic cleansing with sound, creating an ambient, peaceful environment that nourishes your high vibrations. 

Try a singing bowl that hums when you trace the rim, a gong that rings and leaves a sound hanging in the air, or a relaxing recording of the rain or chanting. This will help clear your space of any bad energy and fill it with smooth, good vibrations. Let the sound waves envelop you and combine your sound cleansing with some incense or candles to enjoy a full sensory experience.

Try one of these practical sage substitutes to cleanse your environment without using a protected, endangered, closed-practice material such as white sage. For more insight into how to keep your space clear of bad energy and support your spiritual wellness and fulfillment, speak with a Psychic from the team at PathForward. We can't wait to help you reach your spiritual goals and find the guidance you've been looking for.

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