When Spirit Speaks, How Do We Listen?
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When Spirit Speaks, How Do We Listen?

April 27, 2022 by Psychic Ophelia x4290
Spirit often speaks in whispers. But it's wisdom is worth listening for.
Spirit often speaks in whispers. But it's wisdom is worth listening for.

With the deafening silence of a global pandemic, the physical (and metaphorical) talking of millions protesting human rights violations worldwide, and the everyday droning of technology, the world is LOUD! So, how do we silence the world enough to hear our guides, angels, ancestors, spirits, and universal entities trying to speak to us? I invite you into the world of synchronicities and spiritual validation.  

It may feel like we are separate from the information held for our path by the universe. But simply put, we are not. It surrounds us. And we must tune into the energy and integrate it into our lives to understand. The idea of energetic integration may not be easily understood, so let's take an example.  


Tuning In, Intuitively  

Even as healers and psychics, we all go through phases of doubt where we wonder if these signs are really the universe speaking to us or if this is some fabrication of our minds to fit a story we tell ourselves. We also had periods of skepticism, and seeing the signs through that doubt is key.  

When I stopped rejecting my gifts, I started seeing bees. Yes, the tiny yellow flying insects are known to sting. Bees. Everywhere. In my car, in my office at work, grocery bags, in MY COFFEE! (eww!). At first, I thought it was just a horrible bunch of coincidences. But after my office had to be exterminated - not joking - only for them to find no hive, no dead bees, no source of entry from outside ... I had to accept what I knew in my heart but had yet to accept it in my head. The bees were a sign.  

So I ran to Google as anyone born after 1990 usually does and typed in "Spiritual Meaning of Bees." About 4 hours later, and a lot of coffee and squinting at my phone screen, I found out that Bees are super interesting and have a TON of spiritual significance around the world. But the one takeaway for me was Bees shouldn't be able to fly. This fact dumbfounded me. Their bodies are too heavy for the size of their wings, so according to science, they shouldn't be able to fly. But here's the cool part: only because of their wings' SPEED can they fly. Because their wings move so super fast, they can pretty much hover and change directions and fly with more speed and precision than a large part of the flying insect community. Okay. Enough with the biology lesson. I'll get to the spiritual stuff.  


Listen to Messages from Spirit 

Since bees aren't logically supposed to fly, the message of the bee is, you are doing the impossible. And WOW, I had no idea how applicable to the life I was living at that point was. I had just found out I was pregnant with my first child after being told by numerous doctors over my early 20's that I would never have kids due to a health condition. I was a sensitive empath working in social services (one of the single worst jobs for any sensitive due to the constant red tape and boundaries you have to set, and I was working with kids and struggling parents). I was traveling 3+ hours weekly to different inner-city locations for my job that would put most pregnant ladies on a one-way trip to the unemployment line. I was making finances stretch to the penny every week despite busting my butt for work. I had found the man of my dreams and kept him despite never being home. I was a sensitive and tentative soul in a big and scary atmosphere that my guides knew was IMPOSSIBLE. So they kept sending me the same message, over and over. 

When the nurse in the bee scrubs put me out for my emergency c-section with my son, and when the same bee covered nurse handed my son to my partner for the first time, and when the little bee covered blanket he was wrapped in was in my arms for the first time, and when the first walk we went on as mother and son was blessed with buzzing bees the entire walk, and when I randomly went to the store the other day, and a bee covered jar fell in my cart - I am no longer surprised. For every day, I choose to live in my light and receive and deliver messages from Spirit - I'm doing what some would perceive as the impossible.  

That nurse lives down the road from me now. Those people I worked with that I loved but couldn't emotionally handle our work are now some of my BEST spiritual services clients. My partner was my number one spiritual supporter as I learned to use my gifts. My son was born super healthy and now is an amazing little boy who surprises me every day. All the things that once seemed so far away, so impossible, became possible. Slowly and by listening to the things my guides and spirits were trying to tell me. That meant saying goodbye to many things I never thought I would and accepting a new reality I never expected.  


Ask Your Spirit Guides For a Sign 

Bees aren't the only thing Spirit sends me, but it was the first and most obvious sign in my journey. So, I encourage you to look around at what isn't so easy, what doesn't fit quite right, what feels like it itches the under layers of your soul, and ask your guides to send you a sign. You can ask for something specific or let their infinite wisdom choose for you. But ask, and you shall receive. Maybe not right away because who knows the schedule of the afterlife, but I have never been left unanswered.  


What you want wants you. Use your energy to speak to the universe and see what replies you get! What signs have you been receiving? Get connected to me or another Psychichere at PathForward to decode spiritual messages and signs. 

In Love & Light.  



Psychic Ophelia x4290
Psychic Ophelia is a Spiritual Empath and Psychic Intuitive with over 10 years of experience. She is an expert in guided meditations and energy healing, dedicated to helping people find their happiest selves.  - Psychic Ophelia x4290

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