Best Crystals to Sleep with for Good Dreams (And Good Vibes)
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Best Crystals to Sleep with for Good Dreams (And Good Vibes)

December 14, 2022 by Psychic Gaia x4273
Discover the secrets of 6 powerful sleep crystals!
Discover the secrets of 6 powerful sleep crystals!

Many people report that they cannot remember their dreams, but there are many actions we can take for better dream recall (and a better dream life overall). One of the first steps involves setting a clear intention for dream recall. If you prioritize your dreams, they will become more vivid and meaningful. The second step is to try sleep crystals. We have rounded up six of the best crystals to sleep with. These dream crystals are clear quartz, rose quartz, moonstone, lapis, obsidian, and amethyst.


How Crystals Can Affect Sleep and Dreams

While there is no scientific evidence to support the belief that the use of crystals will positively influence your sleep, many energy healers believe that placing healing stones or dream crystals in the bedroom or under the pillow can help you to get a better night’s sleep. Many healers believe that the ancient healing properties of crystals are helpful because our planet is composed of thousands of minerals with specific and powerful abilities. They can assist with balance, release stress, amplify energy, and increase loving vibrations. These stones remind us of our deep connection to the earth and, as a result, can positively aid in the sleeping realm.

Many report that it is not the crystals themselves but what they represent. Each stone has healing properties that are widely accepted and known. When we also believe these stones are supporting us, we will also begin to reap those benefits. Those who are interested can start to experiment by placing rose quartz under the pillow or keeping moonstone nearby come bedtime. They may also notice a positive shift by working with healing herbs, oils, and sleep tinctures. Every person is different and will have a different experience. It can be beneficial to explore various combinations of crystals. People can invest in a small mojo bag and place the healing stones under the pillow or bed to see what happens.

Clear Quartz - Clear quartz is a master amplifier and clarifying crystal. This is also known as the master crystal. It balances energy and aids in concentration and meditation. Clear quartz has the most benefit to the crown chakra. It also helps boost the immune system and clears the body of toxins. Emotionally it can clear the mind, body, and spirits of clutter and negative energy, aligning the body to higher vibrations. This helps in dreaming by purifying and preparing the body and mind for the dream state, assisting with higher dimensional downloads.

Rose Quartz - Rose quartz is the stone of love, and who doesn’t want to increase the loving vibrations in their lives? Rose quartz is connected to the heart chakra and is often used to heal and repair the heart from past trauma and pain. It can help to release emotional blockages and balance the other chakras as well. Place rose quartz under the pillow to amplify loving feelings as you sleep.

Moonstone - Moonstone is amazing for activating creative and intuitive powers. It is an incredible stone to work with if you want to get in tune with your truest emotions and deeper feminine energy. In dream time, this is especially beneficial to really look at what messages your subconscious wants you to receive. It can also help to cool emotions and tension.

Lapis - Lapis is an incredible stone to work with if you are experiencing any feelings of depression or fatigue. It can also help with the respiratory system and nervous systems. It’s a powerful stone, ideal for opening the mind and encouraging self-awareness. This is great to work with at night because it can help you to overcome fears and learn to express yourself more truthfully in everyday life.

Obsidian - Obsidian is an excellent stone to work with for protection. If you suffer from night terrors or bad dreams, placing some obsidian under the pillow may help transmute some negativity. It can also protect you from lower vibrational energies in your sleep.

Amethyst - This is a very powerful and protective stone. It also can relieve stress and strain, making it an ideal stone for dream work to get the body into a super relaxed state. Those who suffer from nightmares or insomnia can benefit from this stone. It can also assist in psychic wisdom, which could be beneficial when interpreting one’s dreams.

Get a Crystal Healing Reading 

Every dream crystal has a different power and ability that will uniquely influence each person. As always, with crystals, pay attention to how the stone feels when you pick it up. Always go with your first intuitive ping. This will let you know when a stone wants to work with you. Our intuition is always the best guide for letting us know the special medicine we need at any given time. If you're curious about which crystals are best for your energy or have a specific concern, a Psychic who specializes in crystals can help you find the perfect match. We can also offer crystal healing readings and more! Give me or another expert Psychic here at PathForward a call (or chat) today!


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