Everyday Energy Healing; Developing a Daily Reiki Practice
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Everyday Energy Healing; Developing a Daily Reiki Practice

December 28, 2022 by Psychic Flynn x4269
Learn how to establish your own daily Reiki practice, right at home!
Learn how to establish your own daily Reiki practice, right at home!

When you wake, there is Ki all around you. It's in the light that guides you, in the air that sustains you, in the food that helps you thrive. When you sit with a cup of coffee warming your palms on an autumn morning, Ki rests in your hands.

When you live as a Reiki practitioner, every moment is an opportunity for you to practice. Every day you grow as an energy healer and share in the soothing nature that’s within every feather falling or flower growing. You don’t need to be a Reiki Master to develop your Reiki practice. The truth is, to even become a Master, you will actively take steps toward finding your own Reiki techniques. You will discover through quiet moments that we each have unique relationships with Ki or Qi. Part of the path you walk to learn Reiki is to nurture this connection in those moments. So never give up, and never let yourself stop asking the question, “What is Reiki?”.


What is a Reiki Practice and where Does the Idea Come From?

In a shrouded past, Confucius sat and considered the principles of life and its potential. 2,500 years ago, he spoke of Qi as energy relating to our breath, nourishment, and vitality. The spark that drives life to expand. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is taught that Qi is a known constant in our universe. Perhaps the only constant that will ever be. For where there is life, there is energy. And where energy does thrive, so too does the potential of life. The exaltation of all that shall ever be, both visible and invisible, is the truth of Qi. We are Qi. And Qi, or Ki, is the driving force of Reiki.

1922, Japan, a young man named Mikao Usui, who had spent his life following many roads, some as a monk, and learned many spiritual principles from around the world. He created what would become one of the pillars of energy healing in this century and likely the next through modern approaches to spirituality and energy healing blended with time-tested methods from the past. Usui-sensei realized that through connecting with Ki, or Qi in Chinese, we can cure ourselves and those around us. 

The exact dates and origins of Usui Reiki Ryoho, the name for Mikao Usui’s particular Reiki technique, are shrouded by time. Still, Mikao developed his gifts of Reiki healing during a fast in Mount Kurama. He was said to receive a manifestation of Reiki above him as spiritual insight passed to him. When a student asked Usui-sensei, “What is Reiki?” or “What is its purpose?". He told them, “I believe that the purpose of Usui Reiki Ryoho is to help people fulfill their lives in peace and happiness.”

Ki is not just one form of energy but all forms of existence. One might say that Ki isn’t just energy but the potential for energy to be and to transform. It is that potential that we channel to heal, whether it is ourselves or others. Reiki is our way of connecting with forces that normally toss us around without so much as a heads-up. Through it, we start to ride that current instead. 


Learn Reiki Techniques (without being a Reiki Master)

While this act of energy healing can be awe-summoning, it can also be a little intimidating; it’s important to know that Reiki isn’t calling in energy from somewhere else. It is not tapping into some mystical plane or speaking with the gods. Qi, or the potential for life and breath, is what we are. It is what all existence resides within. It’s a part of you, always. We are just dipping our hands into the river and redirecting the flow into a vessel that needs refreshing. This may seem abstract, but it will become clear as you forge your own Reiki technique. 

Since you won’t always have clients to work with at first, the best way to develop your Reiki technique and practice is through daily Reiki self-treatment. It’s much like owning a spa and enjoying the sauna daily! It isn’t just a blessing to have your own Reiki practice; it’s a must for anyone who wants to learn Reiki. A personal, daily connection with Ki will help you channel fluidly into the energetic fields or bodies of those around you. And healing your energy blocks and barriers can allow you to channel Ki, even passively.

Reiki self-treatment allows you to see how energetic healing affects you and how it influences your life. Everyone will respond differently to your Reiki practice and therapy, so understanding this will be very important. You’ll want to guide others through what they're going to experience. It sounds a bit wild, but you’ll sometimes have people come back to you and say things like they were crying for three days straight. Don’t worry, it’s normal. As always, the more familiar you are with your energy healing, the more prepared you’ll be. So, if you have aspects of your life that need rallying, practice your Reiki technique to mend those wounds! Be them physical or emotional.

You don’t need to be a Reiki Master to learn these techniques or heal yourself. Do not be afraid to experiment while you learn Reiki. Tend to your deeper traumas, as they may hurt you in more ways than one. Reiki healing sessions aren’t only about alleviating superficial ailments. It is all connected. The root of certain physical pain can certainly run deeper. Only you can work hard to explore all the roads that will channel healing toward those pains. For we all have an inner master waiting to be awoken, we all have our connection with the Ki, but arriving at that point won’t come overnight. Tiny, everyday meditations and Reiki self-treatments will go a long way. 

When you are trying to find your way with your Reiki practice, remember that Ki is always with you. You can use anything to connect with it and channel healing into yourself. A major principle of Reiki is also hand placement. There is a belief that our hands serve as a mental anchor and that we can use them to guide the Ki easier, preventing ourselves from forgetting our point of focus during the healing session. It is not the actual physical placement but the energetic intention reinforced through the hands' presence that makes it vital.


Reiki Practice You Can Try at Home

Here is a practice you can try at home to heal yourself and develop your relationship with the Ki that is traveling through you always. It's been used in Reiki practice for decades, utilizing the six mantras of Usui-sensei. Find a comfortable place to rest, preferably in the morning sunlight. Take your hands and stretch them forward, either in the air above you or resting in your lap, cupping the energy of the day. Remember yourself as a vessel, open to receiving all the blessings and healing that reside in the light of Ki. Will and wish this Ki to fill your vessel while you steady your breath. Sit like this for a few moments, just basking in the warmth of existence and all the energy that is present before you. All the potential the day has waiting ahead. Know this to be Ki. Then, when your breath and spirit are in harmony, raise your hands to your heart and recite these six phrases. 

(Just for today:) Kyo dake wa:  

(Don’t get angry.) Okolu-na. 

(Don’t worry.) Shinpai suna.  

(Be grateful.) Kansha shite. 

(Work hard.) Goo hage me. 

(Be kind to others.) Hito ni shinsetsu ni. 

This mantra is both potent and succinct. It may even appear overly simplistic. But as far as your Reiki technique is concerned, while you learn Reiki, you want to start small. Earlier I mentioned Ki being present even when you’re holding a warm cup of coffee between your hands. That is another beautiful Reiki technique, especially if you’re trying to heal your throat or heart chakra. Taking a warm drink, tea or coffee, is my favorite, and nursing it between your palms while breathing gently through your nose and out through your mouth. Envision the Ki as the coffee itself, swirling and dancing in the mug. It is in the wisps of steam, the warmth caressing your palms, and the idea of the first delicious sip. Feel it warming and healing you as you take that drink. If you like, call to mind the “Power” Reiki symbol or even paint it on your mug and watch how this affects your day. As you can tell, Reiki techniques also require you to channel a lot of mental energy to guide the Ki.


More Personal Reiki Techniques...

Personal healing isn’t just for Reiki Masters. Reiki self-treatment is possibly one of the most important reasons to start your Reiki practice. In your life, you’ll face challenges that may seem insurmountable. But you can conquer any trouble by flowing with the Ki around you and using Reiki principles to be in harmony. Keep developing your own Reiki techniques daily, and you will become a wonderful healer. 

Try doing simple things like taking a paintbrush, painting the Cho Ku Rei (Power) and Sei Hei Ki (Harmony) symbols on your palms, and letting them dry as you meditate with your palms facing outwards. A rock with these two symbols painted on them also works. It's all about your intentions, which goes for any Reiki practice or technique. Deep breathing and a healing mantra will keep you focused. Hone your intention to a fine point and direct it. Feel the Ki that is always there; it resides within you and rests in your hands. On one hand, you carry power; on the other, you carry harmony. You can channel these forces to better your life and the lives of those you love. One might even say it is a calling. Now take this Ki you know you hold and move it. Towards your heart or your head, whatever chakra you feel needs clearing. Cup them or cross them over that point and continue to breathe. These are the basic steps of a Reiki healing treatment. 

Get a Reiki Energy Healing Today

Know that everyone communicates with Ki differently, and your Reiki techniques may seem simple to outsiders. But to you, they should be the most intimate experiences in your journey to nurturing your Reiki practice. Follow your heart and know that you are always learning; through this, you are surely awakening the Reiki master within you. If you need energy healing, get a Reiki healing session with me or another Reiki Master here at PathForward. We can offer you remote healing and also guide you in your path of developing your own self-treatment practice. Just for today, my friends, be well.


Psychic Flynn x4269
A spiritual worker and Reiki Healer with over a decade of experience, Flynn has been working to share knowledge and healing with people around the world. He is the author of several articles and papers on spiritual practices and a Minister of Christ who has studied metaphysics and spirituality as a lifelong pursuit. Psychic Flynn x4269
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