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Tips for Tapping Into Your Spirituality

July 12, 2022 by PathForward
Spending a few minutes each day in quiet reflection can help you deepen your spirituality.
Spending a few minutes each day in quiet reflection can help you deepen your spirituality.

If you're looking for meaning and purpose, it's time to get spiritual. Spirituality can lead to healing, and spiritual practices can hold the key to contentment and peace. But if you're new to spirituality, the whole concept can feel overwhelming. Here's how to start tapping into your spiritual side.


What Is Spirituality?

First things first. Before you lean into a spiritual awakening, you need to know exactly what you'll be tapping into. Though spirituality does sometimes intersect with religion, the two are different things. Whether or not you consider yourself religious in a traditional sense, you can totally learn from the spirit world.

Searching for some meaning in your life? (Who isn't?) That's where the spiritual approach comes in. Broadly speaking, you can define spirituality as a connection to something higher than yourself. It brings a sense of purpose, and you can get that experience through religion, meditation, and more.

Sure, different religions and belief systems understand 'the spirit' in different ways. Ultimately, though, spirituality is a way to find purpose and meaning in your life. While it overlaps with religion, it describes a broader understanding of your connection with life's transcendent aspects. When you seek out that meaningful connection with something bigger than yourself, you often find transcendent moments complete with peace, contentment, and awe. As a result, there's also a big overlap between your emotional well-being and your spiritual well-being.


Tips for Tapping Into Your Spirituality

So, ready for some spiritual healing? You can easily find ways to integrate spiritual practices into your daily routine:


Set Your Intentions

Before you start chanting mantras on your morning trek to the bus stop or carrying crystals around to coffee dates, take some time to establish your intentions. The first step to becoming more spiritual is just to acknowledge you want to do so. Setting intentions can be simple and personal, like telling yourself or your journal that you want to learn more about spirituality. Or, you can set intentions more formally by sharing your goal with your besties. As long as you're consciously acknowledging your curiosity and desire, you're starting out on a good path to discovering your spiritual side.


Make Time for Stillness

When you're looking for a connection to a spirit guide, the universe, or whatever speaks to you, that connection is first and foremost an experience you feel. Setting aside some time every day to intentionally find quiet is a great way to start a strong spiritual practice. You don't need more than 15 minutes per day, either, so you can easily fit in your quiet time between other daily necessities, like work, self-care, and swiping on that dating app.

Go for mindfulness, meditation, chanting, or really whatever practice you feel comfortable in. Find a quiet place where you can set up undisturbed. Set a timer, then observe your mind. Pro-tip: If that seems overwhelming, try out a guided meditation to get started.


Feed Your Mind — And Your Body

Look for books, articles, and lectures that let you explore spirituality in depth. Curiosity and knowledge form the cornerstone of a rich spiritual adventure, so spend some time doing a deep dive into anything that piques your interest. But don't forget your physical body also plays an important role in spirituality. Your mind, body, and spirit are all intimately connected. From dancing and singing to practicing yoga and exercising, physical activities let you express your spiritual side using your body. Get out of your head sometimes and let your body show you what it needs.


Speak to a Trusted Psychic

Sometimes we all need a little extra guidance. Speaking with an intuitive Psychic is a great way to deepen your spiritual understanding. A Psychic can give you personalized answers and advice as you move forward on your journey to a more spiritual life, helping you to identify specific practices that will (or won't) work well for you. A Psychic Advisor can give you a clear course of action along with the motivation you need to discover the spiritual side of life.


Look for and Ask for Signs

You're not wrong if you feel like the universe has been sending you clues and hints as you start cultivating your spiritual practice. These little signs can be anything from connecting with someone who feels like a kindred spirit seemingly at random to having a handful of people recommend the same podcast.

You can even ask the universe for signs if you want to speed up the process. If you're struggling with something, try writing a letter to the universe to request help and thank the universe for guidance. Then let yourself stay open. You'll likely start feeling the universe oh-so-subtly correcting your course as you move forward.


Stay Playful

It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking spiritual practices need to be serious and solemn. In truth, joy is a pillar of spirituality. Keep a light heart throughout your spiritual journey, allowing yourself to laugh at yourself and the ridiculousness that comes from being a human in the world. Hey, life is downright absurd sometimes, and laughing at it can free you to experience everything in the moment instead of dwelling on what could have been.


Experiment Constantly

No matter where you are on your journey to the spirit, don't forget that you can make establishing a spiritual practice entirely your own. Only YOU get to decide what works for you. There aren't rules for being spiritual, so give yourself the freedom to pick and choose aspects you like from any and all philosophies, disciplines, and ideas. If something resonates with you, if it feeds your interests and gives your soul fuel for moving forward, it's something you should do. Trust your gut! You've got this.

Remember, you don't have to go it alone. Whether you're just starting your journey to spirituality or you've hit a roadblock somewhere along the way, a Psychic Advisor can help you get closer to spiritual awakening. Get a Psychic Reading from a PathForward Psychic today for personalized advice and spiritual guidance.




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