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How to Do a Yes or No Tarot for Beginners

December 07, 2022 by Psychic Christine x4063
Learn the basics of a yes or no tarot reading, and how to do one yourself!
Learn the basics of a yes or no tarot reading, and how to do one yourself!

Tarot decks have been around for centuries. Yet, it originated as entertainment, not divination. Tarot card decks began in Italy in the 1430s. In the 18th century, Jean-Baptiste Alliette wrote a book connecting tarot cards to prophesy. That was the start of an entirely new mindset around the power of these cards.

Important: Tarot readings are not just designed to tell your future, even though media and historical references have insinuated that was their purpose. They are often misunderstood and misused. Tarot cards are most effectively used to help you tune into your inner wisdom and intuition while seeking answers to specific questions. 

Why is Tarot so Popular?

In the past, Tarot was often thought of by many as only for mystics and mysterious fortune-tellers at the festivals using the well-known Rider-Waite deck. We now see Tarot used and referenced in popular culture. Let me share several significant reasons for deeper awareness and action around tarot readings expanding:

The Pandemic forced us to admit what is important. People are searching for a deeper meaning in life. We are unique souls, but we have a common bond for connection, especially as we change our lives or they are changed for us.

Mindfulness Expanding. Society at large is embracing the importance of increased mindfulness regularly. Also, there is a sense of community being a part of the vogue tarot passion, especially among younger women.

Reflecting...Tarot readings may give you some quiet time to open up and discover where you can find new ideas or identify the urgency in something you did not see or were ignoring.

How Can I Improve My Life? Tarot is meant to enlighten us to understand our lives from a new perspective and choose to change or stay the same. If you are open and allow new insights, you can raise the bar and keep reaching for what you truly want in life.

Starting Tarot Journey with Simple Reads

I was initially intimidated by tarot because I had only heard the media and the hype. OMG, so many cards and cryptic meanings. I found the key was to start slowly. Tarot for beginners is very doable. The benefit of using tarot is that you can gain insight from learning tarot card readings while getting out of your head. This can be fresh insight from the realm of inner wisdom and your spirit, supporting your human mind. I started with the Angel Tarot deck by Radleigh Valentine because it felt right to me. I also focused on the imagery before getting caught up in all the tarot overwhelm for newbies. Choose a deck that you connect with. I will share some ideas and techniques to smooth the learning process.

Yes or No Tarot Card Reading

Asking for guidance with a yes or no question from a tarot deck may seem more complicated at first - but it does not have to be. Think of a really good question that is important to you. Make sure it can easily be answered with a direct yes or no response. You can spread the deck a bit in your hand and choose the card that calls to you. Or, after shuffling, you can pick the top card. By default, I always pick the top card if I use a digital tarot deck on my phone. When I use a deck I hold in my hands, I shuffle and spread the deck, choosing the card that speaks to me as I peruse them and even reach to pick one. Once you decide on your method, pull a card. Does the energy or image clearly indicate a positive or negative vibe to you? Don't overthink it. What is your initial response?

Understanding the card's meaning can be a combination of the words on the card, imagery, and how the card’s energy feels to you. The most important concern is whether the card's energy supports a positive, yes feeling. Or is it a negative or no vibe? This will answer your question. Keep up this routine daily to gain confidence in yourself and this practice. You will also find additional insights, ideas outside the ‘box,’ and likely some motivation too.

How-To Pull Your Own Yes/No Tarot

Start with a calm mind and body. Take several deep breaths and relax. This will be an enjoyable experience to bring you further insights and perspective. Prepare an environment that supports your privacy as you engage and discover: candles, music, crystals, incense, essential oils, etc. Make sure you are familiar with your deck by going through the cards one at a time to get more accustomed and set this deck for your personal energy in case others have used or touched your cards previously. Before you start a reading, shuffle your cards until you feel comfortable. I like to have a cloth on the table for a neutral platform as I work instead of placing the cards directly on the surface. Here are a couple of simple ways to begin:

Learn Easy Tarot Card Reading

• One Daily Card: Ask a daily question:  such as “What do I need to know today?” and draw a tarot card. Record the card and reflect on the meaning for you. Look back at yesterday's card. Is there a connection or theme? Over time, you will continue to learn. This will help you get to know the cards and ponder their meanings.

Two-Cards: Choose your perspective, such as a Now and Next Steps option for situations around romance, career, wellness, etc. Or it can also be thought of as a Me and You perspective for personal and business relationships.

• Three Cards. A popular spread is Past, Present, and Future, with a trio of cards drawn in that exact order. Also, Mind, Body, Spirit, or you could even pull three cards to get more clarity with a concern, question, or challenge. Make sure to focus on one area of life or a single question for more clarity.

The art of tarot reading will get easier over time with training- even if you are simply learning as you go. So, the more consistently you practice and get familiar with your deck, the more confidence you will gain in the process.

The Real "Deal"

Tarot reading is popular because of the advantages you gain from the art of tarot on a path of discovery. It is a practical way to become more mindful. I recommend a daily card pull for practice to continue your learning exploration so it becomes easier in time. Tarot is also a grounding support tool. No matter what cards or spreads you use, do not make tarot harder than it needs to be. Record your daily cards in your journal, calendar, or notebook for easy reference. Even cards like the Death Card can be eye-opening and even practical, resulting in admitting ‘this' time is over, and new opportunities are on the horizon. It is not only a turning point. You may realize there are choices and options ahead that you could have easily missed without this raised awareness. Enjoy your new ways of experiencing life!

If you're interested in getting a tarot reading, contact me or another Psychic Tarot Reader here at PathForward. We'd love to guide you through the meaning of your cards and help you find answers and closure. Or, if you're seeking to grow your own tarot practice, I can help you tune into your inner wisdom and build confidence in your ability to read the cards. Let's do this!


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