Tarot Tutorial: Four of Cups
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Tarot Tutorial: Four of Cups

June 15, 2024 by Pathforward
What is the meaning of the Four of Cups? Read on to find out...
What is the meaning of the Four of Cups? Read on to find out...

The traditional image on the Four of Cups shows a person sitting under a tree, arms crossed, totally zoned out. They have this "whatever" energy and seem to be completely missing the cup being offered to them by a hand extending from a cloud. With so much going on in the imagery, you just want to shout "Hello? Wake up!"

The Four of Cups isn't the most fun card to see in a tarot reading, but it's a useful wake-up call. When this cup shows up, it’s usually bringing a message of apathy, dissatisfaction, and missed opportunities – definitely a bit of a downer, right? If this apathetic energy is showing up for you, use it as motivation to start appreciating what you have, seize new opportunities, and reignite your drive before things become permanently stagnant. The possibilities are there, you just need to open your eyes!

What is the Meaning of the Four of Cups in a Love Reading?

In a love reading, seeing the Four of Cups can take on a few different meanings depending on the context. If it's representing your partner or love interest, it may indicate that they're becoming apathetic, closed off, or are settling for the status quo. The honeymoon period is definitely over as the reality of life starts to creep in. They may even have one foot out the door emotionally. Our advice? Try to reconnect and rekindle that spark. A little surprise date night or reintroducing some novelty could help wake them up if they've just become a bit complacent. If that disconnect runs deeper though, it may be time for an honest conversation about your needs.

Now if the Four of Cups shows up representing you in the reading, it signals you've checked out of your relationship. You're taking your partner for granted and are blind to all the loving potential right in front of you. Your eyes may have begun to wander and there’s a chance the rest of you may be tempted to stray too. First, take a moment to do a reality check. The grass is always greener where you water it. Don’t get caught up in fantasies about what love should look like, especially when those fantasies involve no work on your part. Shake off that apathy and try to reconnect with what initially attracted you to them.

In the reversed position for love readings, the Four of Cups can actually be a positive omen. It represents finally waking up and becoming more invested in your relationship. You're ready to start appreciating your partner again instead of letting the spark fizzle out. Real love takes real work and both of you are ready to move to a deeper state of connection. It may not be as intense as the earliest stages of your relationship, but it will be strong and soul-nourishing.

What is the Meaning of the Four of Cups in a Future Reading?

At its core, the four of cups is all about apathy, inaction, and lack of self-awareness. When this card appears in a future reading, it's a warning that you're tuning out and taking things for granted instead of seizing new opportunities. The environment you are in feels unmotivating or downright depressing, and it’s starting to rub off on how you feel about your future. Unless you find a way to disconnect or detox from negativity surrounding you, you’ll miss out on some promising future opportunities or let your apathy talk you out of even trying.

If the Four of Cups is representing you specifically in a future reading, the apathy and lack of motivation is internal. It signals you've become a bit checked out, unmotivated, and potentially even ungrateful for what you have. Definitely not a vibe we're going for! An attitude adjustment may be required. Do what you can to get re-inspired about your path and resist falling into a rut of discontentment. One way to help yourself is to practice more mindfulness to spot the promising possibilities headed your way.

In the reversed position for future readings, the Four of Cups is a sign that you’re about to break free from a rut you’ve been stuck in. Your driven, open-minded energy is about to make a grand re-entrance. An epiphany or bolt of inspiration will turn around your whole world view. Making changes will feel much easier and you’ll be more than ready to seize new chances as they arise.

What is the Meaning of the Four of Cups in a Career Reading?

For career readings, the Four of Cups serves as a major wake-up call if it shows up representing your workplace environment or job prospects. Things have become stagnant and the organization you are in is unwilling to make changes. There’s an air of general dissatisfaction around everyone, but no one is making a move to resolve it.

If this card represents you in a career context, it reveals your own lack of ambition, opposition to change, and failure to take advantage of new opportunities. You're not invested in personal or professional growth right now. The passion and motivation has fizzled out, leaving you completely dissatisfied even if the situation is comfortable and stable. Or you know that you are the point where you should start a new job search, but you can’t work up the motivation to even start that.  

So first off, it’s normal for people to have slow and uninspired seasons in their lives. And second, not everyone is happiest climbing a corporate ladder. But it’s not a good thing to feel flat about their lives for days on end. We suggest doing some introspection about what it is you really want about your life and career. You may dig up something that lights you up during the process.

When the Four of Cups is reversed in a career reading, it's like a breath of fresh air for your career. It means you're finally ready to get re-inspired, seek out change, and seize new opportunities for growth with enthusiasm. That mindset shift can seriously revitalize your work life—and carry over into your personal life as well.

Still wondering how dissatisfaction and apathy are holding you back? We gotchu! Our tarot experts have got the skills to go deep when you need answers about love, career, or any thing else that’s been weighing on your mind. See how their insight can have you moving in the right direction to manifest the life of your dreams.


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