Tarot Tutorial: The Hierophant
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Tarot Tutorial: The Hierophant

June 08, 2024 by Pathforward
What is the meaning of The Hierophant? Read on to find out...
What is the meaning of The Hierophant? Read on to find out...

Out of all the cards in the tarot deck, The Hierophant is the one most likely to keep things classic. This stately figure cuts an imposing presence with its religious imagery and old-school values. But despite the archaic vibes, The Hierophant has some serious wisdom to drop about tradition, mentorship, and playing by the rules. This esteemed elder honors the wisdom of the ages and reminds us that rituals and traditions have endured for good reason. Whether applied to love, our future plans, or our career journeys, this classic player knows when to stick to the script and trust the well-worn path.

Sure, there are times when we should and ought to shake things up and rebel a little. Then there are times when we are better served to paying attention to what worked in the past and how it can help us now. Just don't be too harsh if you need to rebelliously veer off-road every now and then! All that really matters is living your truth.

What is the Meaning of The Hierophant in a Love Reading?

When The Hierophant shows up in a love reading to represent your partner or crush, it could indicate you're dealing with someone pretty strait-laced and traditional in their views about relationships. Think the type who's all about those time-honored rituals like marriage, commitment ceremonies, or meeting the parents. Certainly not the wandering free spirit type! They’re not here to play around with your heart so if you wanted a rock solid boo, you couldn’t do much better than someone like this. Just don’t expect them to be down for midnight raves or anything too wildly counterculture and you’ll be just fine.

If this card symbolizes you in a love context, it reveals your own deep respect for customs, traditions, and doing things "the right way" in relationships. You aren’t going to be too happy with things like dating apps, preferring to meet people the old fashioned way. Nothing wrong with that! Or with loving grand gestures straight out of your favorite romance novels. Just make sure you communicate your needs and wants to your lover or potential lover so that they are on the same page.

The Hierophant reversed in a love reading is a whole other story though. This can point to some unconventionality in your relationship. Less picket fences and more leather and riding crops perhaps. Maybe you're consciously bucking tradition in your relationship choices or rejecting the conventional "next steps." While members of your family might not be too happy with your choices, all that matters is that you and your boo are good with each other.


What is the Meaning of The Hierophant in a Future Reading?

Pulled as the overall vibe for future events, The Hierophant suggests that the road ahead won't have too many shocking twists or earth-shattering surprises in store. You're looking at a period of sticking to the straight and narrow path - established systems, traditional advice, and the sage wisdom of respected mentors. Forget rocking the boat! When in doubt of what your next steps should be, opt for the tried-and-true. You’ll get to where you want to be faster that way.

When the Hierophant turns up in a position representing you, get ready to embrace your classy elder stateswoman persona. You'll be looked upon as a font of experience, someone with the prudent judgment to honor conventions and respect the classic way of doing things as you navigate what's to come. You may end up being the safe harbor someone needs when they are really going through it. If you’re wondering whether or not you are the adultiest adult for the job, rest assured you are. You’ve clocked in enough experience to be able to resolve things well and maturely.

Seeing The Hierophant reversed in a future context, on the flip side, could spell a period of disruption and pushing back against the mainstream ahead. Perhaps you'll be challenging outdated institutions or rebelling against authority figures. The old-school ways just won't cut it for you anymore, sis! Like we mentioned in the love reading section, the folks in your circle who are more set in their ways are not going to be terribly happy with you.

You need to be honest with yourself: are you rebelling from a place of genuine conviction or is this act of rebellion just for rebellion’s sake? One is brave and authentic. The other is just immature. If you ultimately decide that the rebel path is right for you, make sure to find some supportive friends, and evaluate what role (if any) the nay-sayers have in your life.


What is the Meaning of The Hierophant in a Career Reading?

If the Hierophant pops up in a reading about your job atmosphere or prospects, it's showing heavy emphasis on hierarchies, rules, and institutional dogma in your industry. Workplaces are likely relationship-driven, with networking and schmoozing requirements galore. The best way to break into the corporate culture club is to watch and learn how others operate. Once you have the rules down, you’ll be ready to play the game.

And if The Hierophant is representing you specifically in a career reading? Hope you like being the resident old soul or mentor figure! You're being recognized for your depth of knowledge, specialized training, and by-the-book work ethic. People will look to you as the seasoned voice of authority on the job. Trust yourself and your abilities. Your wisdom will be crucial in getting a project done.

But what if the Hierophant gets flipped on its head in a career spread? Well, that's a sign you may soon be rebelling against outdated corporate cultures or feeling majorly restricted by rigid rules and bureaucracy. The disillusionment with traditional systems and institutions could hit hard, pushing you to blaze an unconventional career trail. You may be happiest doing something creative or spiritual—or at very least something that doesn’t run on a rigid nine-to-five schedule or involves dress shoes!

Still wondering how best to stick to the straight and narrow when the Hierophant comes into play? We gotchu! Our tarot experts have got the skills to go deep when you need answers about love, career, or anything else that’s been weighing on your mind. See how their insight can have you moving in the right direction to manifest the life of your dreams.

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