How to Remove Negativity from Your Life: Cutting Ties And Breaking Free
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How to Remove Negativity from Your Life: Cutting Ties And Breaking Free

March 25, 2024 by Psychic Christine x4063
YOU are the source of the freedom you seek!
YOU are the source of the freedom you seek!

Our personal lives and the world keep changing and pushing our buttons which magnifies feelings of discomfort. Our natural tendency may be to get upset and resist this change that feels forced upon us. However, I have been tuning in to a higher awareness have life-changing options that can better serve us all. If you’re ready to live a more empowered life and learn how to remove negativity from your life, then follow my easy to digest guidelines:   

Self-Care is Essential

Meet your own needs —mind, body, and spirit - on a consistent, daily basis. When you slow down, you can tune into what you need more of. Remember, self-care is NOT selfish. Daily habits to maintain a positive environment are a must. The better you take care of yourself on all levels, the more you can help others. 

Step into Your Power in 3 Steps  

Living an empowered life where you stand on your own involves choosing to treat yourself and others with kindness, acceptance, and love. The personal power I am talking about is firm yet gentle. It means holding strong boundaries (literal and emotional) in situations that do not honor you. This strength comes from honoring who you are from a soul level.

You are an amazing person. However, through challenges in life, you may have handed away some of your power to manage/survive uncomfortable situations. Or maybe you think the only way to regain or maintain control is to be aggressive and combative. While those techniques may seem like a way to get results, they're exhausting and draining on all levels. So, where to start? Use the thriving three to step into your power effectively: 

  1. Deep Mindful Cleansing Breaths 
  2. Close your Eyes and Connect with Peace 
  3. Ground Your Energy: Essential for feeling Safe 

According to Abraham Maslow, a respected American psychologist, our seven basic needs include air, water, food, shelter, safety, sleep, and clothing. A variety of these basic needs have been threatened for many people in the last few years with everything that's going on globally. Our world is very different from what it was several years ago. We are being invited to change our habits and patterns as we adjust to a transforming personal experience and an ever-changing planet.

We used to find connection, flow, and safety quickly. However, fulfilling these needs doesn't come quite as easy anymore. This is likely impacting your personal and professional life as well as your overall happiness. It's time to take a stand and cut negative ties that prevent you from embracing your personal power! 

How to Cut Negative Ties in 4 Steps 

  1. Trust Yourself: Stop trusting others over yourself. You know your own life better than anyone. And yes, there is value in research and seeing life from different perspectives. However, if you keep dismissing your intuition, then you're missing out on important messages from within. 
  2. Phase Out Toxic Relationships Over Time. If being bold and direct is not an easy option, you can let this connection weaken over time by reducing contact and connection. Ignoring methods of communication will continue to broaden the gap between you. Letting toxic situations go will make room for fostering healthy relationships for personal growth.
  3. Be Honest and to the point. Some people will not get the subtle messages that you are sending. And they may even start pushing harder to make contact with you. This is the time to be clear and bold. Tell them you are moving in different directions and need to end the friendship/relationship. Speak from your heart and be very clear. Leave no doubt or wiggle room that this is the end.  
  4. Create Talking Points. Make a plan and identify the most important elements you want to discuss. This may be very quick in some situations and more complex in others. Think about what the other person may bring up to challenge your perspective so you are more prepared. Either way, stand your ground and speak your truth. 

Follow up Steps 

Processing Guilt: It is natural to feel guilt after standing your ground, especially if you are not confident or well-versed in this behavior. Dealing with backlash after cutting off negativity is possible too. Do not second guess yourself. When you are acting from your heart and soul, you need to follow through. On some occasions, this might be a needed break for extra time and space. Let time be the guide that illuminates the best decision for you. 

Be Creative and Try Something New: Rediscovering yourself after getting out of a toxic situation will help you heal. What things are calling to you to boost your empowerment? Maybe it includes movement, time in nature, music, or creativity. You could take a class, learn a new skill, or any activity that adds more fun to your life.   

Final Thoughts 

The world is changing, and so are you. Remember, you are the director of your life movie. Transforming your life by removing negativity takes work, but it’s worth it. Keep changing the story until you create the happy life you are looking for - you deserve it! And if you need guidance, get connected with me or any one of our supportive psychics here at PathForward. 


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