Tarot Tutorial: The Lovers
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Tarot Tutorial: The Lovers

February 10, 2024 by Pathforward
What is the meaning of The Lovers tarot card? Read on to find out...
What is the meaning of The Lovers tarot card? Read on to find out...

The Lovers tarot card is one of the most well-known and well-loved cards in the deck. And yeah, considering this card’s association with perfect partnerships, it’s not hard to see why. But this card has some interesting nuances to it as well, especially with the idea of choices. The choices we make today will play a big role in how our tomorrow will look. So whether you’re talking about love, career, or life in general, seeing this card is a reminder to choose wisely.

What is the Meaning of the Lovers card in a Love Reading?

Take a look at the classic version of this card in a Rider-Waite-Smith deck. See that angel hovering above the couple? The Lovers card is in a love reading is literally telling you that the relationship you are asking about is a match made in heaven.  But what if you didn’t have anyone specific in mind when you did the reading? An amazing person is about to enter your life. You may have to make some choices about your current priorities to make space for your new boo. It will be worth it in the end though.

We should mention that there’s an alternate interpretation of the Lovers card. Depending on the surrounding cards, it could point to a love triangle—one where you get the deciding vote. Perhaps your decision might be to keep them both if you practice ethical non-monogamy or polyamory. Then all the stuff we said above about prioritizing your time becomes doubly important. If that’s not your thing, then you will have to make a choice. Be honest with yourself about what you need in a relationship and be honest with your potential lovers.

If the Lovers card turned up reversed in a future reading, yikes! Your couple song might as well be Bad Romance because some bad romantic decisions have definitely been made. Maybe you’re in an on again/ off again relationship where the two of you can only stand each other when you’re in the bedroom.  It could be one (or both) of you is terrified of commitment. And yes, it could mean someone is cheating. Are the problems fixable? Maybe, but not without a lot of hard work and real communication. If you know deep down that things aren’t working, then it’s time to make the hard choice and leave.

What is the Meaning of the Lovers in a Future Reading?

The Lovers card isn’t always about love. That’s especially true in a future reading. Sure, it could mean the there’s a meet-cute with your soulmate on the horizon. But depending on the surrounding cards it can also mean that there’s a big fork in the road ahead of you. Both options look equally tempting from a distance so you’ll need to do a little digging to figure out what it is you want more. Whichever choice you go with will lock you on a specific path and make other possibilities difficult or even impossible.

When the Lovers tarot card turns up in a position representing you in a future reading, it could mean more of an internal pull to make a choice, rather than having a choice pushed in front of you. There’s also a possibility of a non-romantic partnership ahead. You may have to team up with someone you trust or who matches your energy to complete an important goal. Remember, a group of people united in the same vision often accomplish far more than one person trying to do it on their own. Pick your squad wisely and go from there.

The Lovers card reversed in a future reading can indicate that something in your life may get put to the test…and that the results of that test aren’t going to be very pretty. This is super likely if you see cards like The Tower present in the reading. You might also be on the verge of making a truly terrible choice. Text your BFF. Call your mom. Talk to one of our advisors. But definitely get a second opinion from a source you trust. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a bad decision that will have consequences that are hard to break away from

What is the Meaning of the Lovers in a Career Reading?

Does the Lovers card in a career reading mean an office romance? Maybe. But that’s not the only way to interpret this card. It could just be saying that your workplace is very harmonious, one where your needs are met, and your skills are respected. Or that you will find a job where this is the case. This card doesn’t directly say anything about salary, but part of that harmonious feeling could certainly come from knowing you're being paid fairly. You may also have an opportunity to form a strong bond with a coworker to get a project done. If you were thinking about starting your own business, the Lovers could be indicating that it could be better if you partnered with someone to get it off the ground.

There could be some very important career choices ahead of you as well when you see the Lovers card. Like we said in the previous sections, expect tempting aspects to either option (especially if a card like the Seven of Cups is also in the reading). Since this choice will likely put other choices out of reach, at least for a little while, you need to take some time to weigh your options. Now is not the time to be impulsive.

When the Lovers card appears reversed in a career reading, going into the office might feel like entering a battle zone. Petty squabbles and power plays are a regular occurrence, possibly because of people trying to avoid the consequences of their poor decision making. If the reversed Lovers card is representing you in a reading, you need to tread very carefully. All of the chaos in your workplace can easily cause you to make a poor decision with long-reaching consequences. Remember what we said about impulsiveness in the paragraph before this one? Yep, your foot may be inches away from stepping into something nasty. Take a long pause before making any major decisions. And if possible, get input from an objective third party.

Still wondering about the big choices you’ll have to make when the Lovers card comes into play? We gotchu! Our tarot experts have got the skills to go deep when you need answers about love, career, or anything else that’s been weighing on your mind. See how their insight can have you moving in the right direction to manifest the life of your dreams.


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