Tarot Tutorial: Two of Cups
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Tarot Tutorial: Two of Cups

February 24, 2024 by Pathforward
What is the meaning of the Two of Cups? Read on to find out...
What is the meaning of the Two of Cups? Read on to find out...

Besides the Lovers card, the Two of Cups might be the card most people associate with romance. After all, in most versions of this card there is a happy looking couple looking into each other’s eyes, their cups raised as if they are about to make a toast to their love. But this card can also point to happy platonic pairings or even just coming to an agreement about something. Either way, seeing this card is usually a sign of happy things to come.


What is the Meaning of the Two of Cups in a Love Reading?

As you might have guessed from the intro, the Two of Cups is a great card to get in a love reading—whether you’re single or happily coupled. If you’re single, expect to hit it off with someone new really soon. You’ll easily click with this person, finding that you share a ton of things in common. Those already in a relationship might notice that their partner is opening up to them more emotionally. Perhaps they finally come around to agreeing with you on a topic that had the two of you on different sides.

When the Two of Cups comes in a position representing you, it might be nudging you to make a mental shift so that you can see things from your boo’s perspective. You might find that if you open your mind a bit, you agree with them more strongly than you originally thought you did. For single folks, the chance for romance is still super high, though you may need to make the first move to find the things you have in common.

The Two of Pentacles reversed in a love reading points to selfishness, or even narcissism in the relationship. There’s a refusal to see any other perspective. Harsh words may have already been said. And yep, there may be cheating going on. Check on the surrounding cards, but the two of you may need a break from each other, just to give you both space to figure things out. If you can’t find common ground, or even just agree to disagree, it may be time to say goodbye.

What is the Meaning of the Two of Cups in a Future Reading?

Seeing the Two of Cups in a future reading could mean a fulfilling partnership is about to come your way. It doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a romantic one (though that’s possible too). But a future BFF could be coming into your life, or you might get into a business agreement with someone who will treat you fairly.  This card can also point to a cooling off in a disagreement and a chance to build some bridges again.

If the Two of Cups comes up in a position representing you, it might signal a need for you to act diplomatically about a specific situation. While it might not be something you want to do at first, being a little more gracious could end up in a win-win situation for everyone involved. Channel your inner Ted Lasso and be curious, not judgmental, about what’s going on. This card may also point to the need to partner up with someone to get a task accomplished, so go with someone you trust.

When the Two of Cups comes out reversed in a future reading, there’s a chance someone is taking advantage of other people’s generosity. Make sure you have firm boundaries in place, so you aren’t giving up too much of yourself to someone who isn’t matching your energy. You also might find that someone you trusted is up to something shady. Check the surrounding cards for details but do your best to exit the drama zone and spend time with people who have your best interests at heart.


What is the Meaning of the Two of Cups in a Career Reading?

The Two of Cups in a career reading could indicate a merger is about to happen. The surrounding cards may have more details about how good overall this might be for you. It may also signal some sort of mutually beneficial partnership with outside company. Take the time to learn what you can about the situation. It might come in handy down the line. This is a good card to get if you were asking about finding a new job too.

You may develop a very close relationship with someone you work with as well. It doesn’t have to be a romantic one, but you might find yourselves referring to each other as your work spouse. The two of you work really well together as a team. A big project might be coming your way requiring your teamwork skills to pull it off. Alternatively, you might have to deal with a sensitive work situation that calls for a lot of tact. Take a beat to consider your words to ensure a peaceful resolution.

If the Two of Cups appears reversed in a career reading, you need to tread lightly. A business agreement is on the verge of falling apart and tensions are running high. Make sure that you keep your cool as you move forward. There’s a chance someone might claim the credit for someone else’s hard work. Save all the receipts, bestie, just in case you need to show proof of your involvement. Also be on the lookout for shady office politics. Someone you thought might be a work ally might turn out to be all too ready to throw you under the bus.

Still wondering how you’ll feel the harmony of the Two of Cups in your life? We gotchu! Our tarot experts have got the skills to go deep when you need answers about love, career, or anything else that’s been weighing on your mind. See how their insight can have you moving in the right direction to manifest the life of your dreams.

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