Post-Breakup Dating Advice: How To Date Without Heartbreak
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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

Post-Breakup Dating Advice: How To Date Without Heartbreak

February 29, 2024 by Psychic Aelin x4179
You CAN guard an open heart! Just make sure he's worth the risk...
You CAN guard an open heart! Just make sure he's worth the risk...

Getting your heart broken sucks and trying to date afterward can feel like self-inflicted torture. While being single has its benefits, the mind can't help to long for a better half - you know, a Barrack to your Michelle. Once you're ready to date again, the last thing you want lurking around is the idea of another heartbreak. So before you put yourself back out there and start meeting new fish in the sea (trust me there are PLENTY), here is some post break-up dating advice you can follow to protect your heart. 

Tip 1: Success in Love Takes Time 

It took millions of years for this planet to be ready for somebody as powerful, sexy, smart, and capable as you; and you think you're going to find your perfect match after an hour on Tinder? Think again, love. These dating sites and local bars are full of unique (if sometimes creepy) people who are all looking for something different. Not everybody is looking for love, not everyone who says they're looking for a committed relationship is, and not all of your romantic interests are going to pan out. Sometimes lightning strikes and you get lucky, but in most cases, you need to accept that finding your “forever love” is going to take a little time. 

Tip 2: Get Receipts  

We've all had moments where we've questioned our partner's integrity due to a past heartbreak - but don’t self-sabotage because you’ve got pain in your heart! Emotionally safe dating practices balance caution and trust. It’s okay to trust people while also taking the time getting to know them for who they claim to be. In other words, check the receipts.

For instance, you can take him at his word for it if he claims to be "insta-famous," but find his @ before you open your heart up completely. If you feel like you're being deceived, listen to your intuition and remember not everyone is who they claim to be. But when you do find the right one, let go of the past, trust your partner's intentions, and take those steps towards a healthy and vibrant relationship.  

Tip 3: Find Your Equal 

You're a treasure, don’t even try to argue it! You're valuable and perfect and precisely who you're meant to be. So quit wasting your time with partners who don't match your energy! Look, if he's not at your level, you'll spend your whole life with a sore back from bending down to lift him up. You need to spend time weeding out those people who don't serve you and choosing those who can help you grow in life.  

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Psychic Aelin x4179
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