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New Year's Resolution Guide

December 30, 2023
Are you great at goal-setting but struggle to stay on track? We get it! And that's why we created this New Years Resolution Guide; to help you get on track, stay on track, and be your best you.

Are you absolutely great at goal-setting but totally struggle to stay on track?

You're not alone. While 60% of people make New Year’s resolutions, a measly 8% actually keep them [1]. If you’re ready to take a new path next year and make your resolutions a reality, we’ve got some great ideas to get you started! So, kick back in a quiet space, grab a journal, and let’s begin.

Make Self-Care a Priority

  1. Do a life audit on each area of your life (friends, family, career, health, spirituality, home, etc.) and list your current activities as well as your overall goals in each area. Identify places where you’re feeling overburdened and overworked as well as those you’re neglecting.
  2. Add a task to your agenda focused on self-care. Add a weekly task to your agenda that focuses on your self-care in those place where you had gaps, such as a date night, spa day, meditation class, free hour in your art studio, or anything else that feeds your soul. Change it up to explore different enriching experiences.
  3. Adjust your time management. Adjust your time management to make the tasks that were the most meaningful to you a part of your regular routine throughout the year.

Exercise More

  1. Start with a single step. Even the most intense fitness journey starts with a single step. Begin with a small, simple commitment like parking at the back of the lot every day for work, or axing the elevator from your life and taking the stairs if you can.
  2. Incorporate accountability. Incorporate a weekly workout routine with some accountability. Sign up for a Pilates class or make plans with a friend to go on Tuesday/Thursday jogs.
  3. Chart your progress and stay the course. If you can't make your initial routine fit into your current life, check in with a Psychic Advisor to find a fresh approach, but make sure you're logging active hours no matter which way you're getting your butt moving.

Manage Stress Better

  1. Explore different stress relief techniques, and shake it up every few days for a week or two. Try options like journaling, meditation, exercise, aromatherapy, or yoga. [2]
  2. Pinpoint what’s most effective. Pinpoint the stress management approach that's most effective for your personal vibe. Kick back and chat with a Psychic Advisor for some perfectly personalized advice.
  3. Get into a regular routine. Get yourself into a regular routine that uses your best approach to stress relief, such as journaling every morning or attending a yoga class each week. Stick with it to get the lasting zen you're after.

Learn a New Skill

  1. Read the book, take the class, or finish the webinar to level up your skills in a new area. Hunker down in those dreary winter months and use your newfound knowledge to keep you energized and entertained in the post-holiday slump.
  2. Dive deeper. Check in with your Psychic Advisor for tips on taking things to the next level and mastering your skill set.
  3. Practice your new skills regularly to cement that know-how. If you're finally jumping on the sourdough bandwagon, keep your starter alive and make a new loaf every week. If you've learned to meditate, block out an hour a few times a week for the practice.

Improve Your Relationships

  1. Take time to communicate. Listen actively, express empathy, and make a point of diving deeper to learn more about the folks who are most important to you. [3]
  2. Chart your future. Speak to a Psychic Advisor about where the relationship is going and take steps to prepare that path, whether that means introducing your partner to your parents or settling into a more comfortable routine of regular date nights.
  3. Check in regularly. The best way to strengthen your relationships is to stay in tune with their ever-changing frequency and be willing to fine-tune so you're always able to meet each others' needs, even as they fluctuate.

Get Organized

  1. Assess the mess. Empty out the closet, dump the drawer, and go through what you've got.
  2. Eliminate anything you don't need. Sell what you can and donate or trash the rest. Having trouble letting go? Talking with a Psychic Advisor can help you understand what you really need and what's serving as a security blanket.
  3. Find a home for everything. Give every item its own special place and KEEP IT THERE. Get rid of something for every new piece you bring in to keep clutter at bay.

A mindful approach to your New Year's resolutions can help you maintain your goals and transform them from mere wishes to lasting pieces of your new reality that will serve you beautifully on your path forward. Speak to a trusted Psychic Advisor to help set your intentions, manifest your best self, and discover your path.



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