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Empath Lifestyle Tips: Self-Care for Sensitive People

June 05, 2024 by Psychic Christine x4063
Learn to give of yourself without giving ALL of
Learn to give of yourself without giving ALL of yourself!

Hello, you beautiful Empaths! Has your brilliant world turned dark and heavy? Can you relate to, “OMG, I’ve lost my happiness”? You’re probably wondering how this happened. The answer is simple. You lost control of your own energy and power when you handed it over to someone else - yikes! But it’s okay! I’m going to teach you some empath lifestyle tips so you can get your life back. And no, you do not need to travel the world, sit in an ashram, or turn your whole life upside down to make things right.

First things first, stop beating yourself up about it! Take some deep breaths and do a gut-check. After all, this experience will help you learn and grow. When you’re feeling like your world is spinning out of control, you need to believe in yourself like never before! Do not look outside yourself — go within. You are ready to take it all back and more… 

You are a sensitive, an Empath, and that is a compliment. You may not like to rock the boat, but hiding from the truth will only make things harder. You must take pro-active steps to regain control and live your own life. The most powerful step you can take is to decide (today) that you’re going to stop waiting for life to get better. Life is not going to change. YOU are going to change. You are in control of your own life and are the only one who can turn things around.

So, what now?  

Setting intentions is great as well as other tools like meditation, essential oils, crystals, tree-hugging, and beyond. But to get started, YOU need to take a few critical action steps to kick your life back into gear. Let’s get started:  

#1 Ask Yourself These 3 Key Questions 

  1. Am I a people pleaser? 
  2. Do I set firm boundaries? 
  3. Do I run from conflict?

#2 Take 10 Action Steps 

  1. Center- Ground & connect to your spirit daily. 
  2. Breathe- Find your inner calm, breathe deeply, drink more water, and increase self-care. 
  3. Self Evaluate- Connect with YOU and what lights you up inside. 
  4. Self Affirm- You are a brilliant star, treat yourself like the prize you are! When you talk to yourself, be kind.
  5. Don’t Over Extend! - People are drawn to highly sensitive people and empaths like a magnet because they want to be “saved.” But remember, that’s not your job. 
  6. Take Care of You!- Other people drain you - work on your energy body
  7. Don’t Over-Absorb - You are a spongefor everything. Hint: too much = overload! Do your best to not absorb negativity around you.
  8. Release Negativity- Imagine you can squeeze & twist your sponge until its dry! 
  9. Receive Positivity- Now fill yourself up with an abundance of love and lightyour magic sparkle.  
  10. Enjoy being YOU!

Some Final Thoughts 

Spend quality time with those who embrace the true you, inside and out! And trust me, life will keep getting better and better. Repeat these action steps and positive thoughts. You are in control of your life decisions and should not take on other people’s issues this is significant. Being an empath is a gift, but you also have a responsibility to yourself to take care of yourself too. Keep up the positive vibes!

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