Forgiveness is an Act of Self-Love
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Forgiveness is an Act of Self-Love

November 20, 2023 by Pathforward
Forgiveness can help repair relationships, and it can have serious benefits for your own mental health as well.
Forgiveness can help repair relationships, and it can have serious benefits for your own mental health as well.

Listen, we get it. When someone's wronged you, it can be very difficult to let that grudge go. Once you get wrapped up in all that negativity, it can be tough to unwind yourself from the grips of that sadness and hurt you feel. And if someone has caused you serious pain, forgiveness can feel like an insurmountable task.

The Benefits of Forgiveness

Forgiveness, however, is an act of self-care. Depending on the action a loved one took to hurt you, that act may stay with you forever — especially when it came from someone you trusted and cared for. 

Forgiving someone doesn't mean you have to forget or even excuse the harm done to you. It just means giving yourself the peace and healing you need to get on with your life.

Forgiveness can help you:

  • Create healthier relationships.
  • Improve your mental health and experience less stress, hostility, depression, and anxiety.
  • Build your self-worth and self-esteem.
  • Lower your blood pressure and improve your heart health.

Forgiving Those Who May Have Wronged You

So, how do you actually start the process of forgiving someone who hurt you? First off, remember that forgiveness is something that's in your control. You might start by:

  • Identifying what aspects of your life need healing, and who you need to forgive for what. Keeping a journal might help you find clarity.
  • Acknowledging your emotions about the harm someone did to you — those feelings are real! Pinpointing your emotions will let you move toward releasing yourself from them.
  • Seeing a counselor or joining a support group for help grappling with the fallout from the harm caused to you.
  • Speaking with a supportive Psychic who can help you figure out strategies to deal with your specific situation.

Letting go of grudges just means you no longer define your life by the ways you've been hurt. Of course, this can be even harder when the person you want to forgive doesn't make any effort to right the wrongs they've caused. If this happens, just remind yourself that forgiveness is for you, not them.

Forgiving the World

But what if it's not a specific person you need to forgive? What if it's the whole world? After all, the world isn't always what you want it to be. (Yeah, we get that sentiment, too.) This goes double if you’re an empath.

Holding a grudge against the very real injustices of the world can have the same harmful effects on you as individual grudges. You can practice the same actions of forgiveness for the world overall. Send your blessings, love, and forgiveness out into the world, just as you would do for a loved one who has hurt you.

Forgiving Yourself for Not Being Perfect

Sometimes you're the one who needs forgiveness. Give yourself the same grace you show for others who've made mistakes. Don't deny your past, but instead acknowledge that you, too, deserve the forgiveness you show to others. Though letting go of your past can feel unsettling, it can help you build the foundation to move into your future.

Still not sure where to start? A psychic can help you find forgiveness, so chat with a psychic today.


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