Making Friends as an Adult: A Survival Guide
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Making Friends as an Adult: A Survival Guide

January 26, 2024 by Pathforward
Some people are born social butterflies, gifted with the innate ability make friends wherever they go. For others, meeting new companions can be a struggle.
Some people are born social butterflies, gifted with the innate ability make friends wherever they go. For others, meeting new companions can be a struggle.

Making friends as an adult isn’t as easy as when we were kids. Instead of regular recess periods where we could bond by the swing set or dish about our fave boy bands, cultivating adult friendships is trickier. Especially if you’re not a natural born extrovert. But whether you’re the life of every party or an avowed introvert, it’s possible for you to find your people—the ones you click with and who make your life so much richer.

Why Does Making Friends as an Adult Feel So Hard?

Life Gets in the Way

If only homework was all we had to do in our off time! Add in work, laundry, and adulting in general and it’s easy to see how making friends might slide down our priority list to somewhere below organizing our sock drawer. For better or worse, it’s up to you to make your own playdates. You need to treat time for connection as seriously as you would treat a work responsibility or doctor’s visit.  

It Just Is Hard!

Yeah, we get it. Peopling is hard sometimes! And if you’re naturally more reserved, it can be even trickier. We weren’t made to be alone all of the time though. Loneliness is a legit mental health issue. Humans are social critters. Building a social circle from scratch takes work, but it’s harder on your spirit to be alone.

You don’t need to have a massive entourage around you to feel the love. One or two BFFs can be more than enough to banish loneliness and replace it with soul nourishing companionship. Also, having friends around you not only makes the bad times bearable, it also makes the good times even better.

Cracking the Code of Adult Socializing

The easiest way to start making friends is to show up at places or events that interest you. Check out any classes that have been calling to you. A nearby community college might have loads of things you hadn’t thought of but seem like fun to try. By the end of the semester, you might have both a cool looking vase you made in a pottery class and a new friend.

Finding soulful connections in adulthood doesn’t have to be any more complicated than a web search for the closest neighborhood yoga studio. If spirituality or mindfulness are important to you (you are here on a metaphysically minded page to get info, right?) look into the local yoga studios and wellness center and see what classes seem interesting. While you’re there, scope out the front desk or bulletin board to see if there are any announcements about events that look good to you too.

Don’t sleep on your local library for events either! Yes, there’s almost always a book club or two you can get in on, but you’d be surprised at how many events libraries host. These can vary widely month to month, so check back from time to time to see what’s new.

Engaging in volunteer work not only serves a higher purpose but also provides an opportunity to meet like-hearted individuals. The shared act of giving creates a strong foundation for meaningful connections. Make the world a better place + making friends = win-win!

Try to do your best to get out there and meet people with similar interests. While it may take a leap of faith to sign up for that class at a local college without anyone familiar by your side, you never know what exciting people may be there.

Three friends talking

Cultivating Friend-Friendly Attitudes

Approach social situations with a genuine spirit. Authenticity acts like a magnetic force, drawing in those who resonate with your true essence. Additionally, do your best to break out of your shell. It may be a struggle, but starting a conversation with an unfamiliar face may be just the thing you need to show you how easy it really is to befriend someone new.

Remember: friendships, like fine wine, take time to mature. Cultivate patience as you navigate the landscape of adult relationships. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither are profound connections. Commit to trying out something at least once a month AND saying at least one positive thing to someone else while you are there.

Get the Universe on Your Side

If you are doing all the hard practical work into making new friends, why not give your efforts a spiritual boost? Start off with mantras. They’re a simple but empowering way to reframe your thoughts about yourself and friendship. Mantras also let the Universe know you are open to having more friendship in your life. Here are a couple of simple mantras for friendship that you can start using today:

"I Attract Authentic Connections"

Repeat this mantra as you step into social situations, inviting genuine connections that align with your spiritual journey.

"My Vibe Attracts My Tribe"

Affirm your unique energy, knowing that like-minded souls are drawn to the authentic frequency you emit.

Want to add some crystal magic into the mix? Carry a piece of rose quartz with you or pick up some cute jewelry with rose quartz in it. While rose quartz is known as the stone of love, that applies to more than romantic connections. Charge your rose quartz with the intention to amplify the energy of love and friendship around you. Does the idea of talking to new people seem really scary? Try working with tiger’s eye for bravery or lapis lazuli for honest communication.

Working with candles to set your intentions can also be helpful. Yellow candles symbolize communication and friendship. Light one during social gatherings to enhance the atmosphere of connection. Bonus points if you can find one with a scent that goes along with your intention to make new friends, like rose, bergamot, or lavender.


So, dear reader, step boldly into the adventure of adult friend-making, armed with openness, patience, and a dash of metaphysical flair. Trust your instincts and say hello to someone new. Your tribe awaits, ready to co-create a masterpiece of friendships that transcend the ordinary and elevate the extraordinary. If you're still having trouble meeting new mates, speak with a psychic. An online psychic can use her gifts to tell you what amazing individuals will be entering your life as soon as you take a leap of faith.

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