The Mindful Path EP 15: Opening Up to New Love
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The Mindful Path EP 15: Opening Up to New Love

January 18, 2024 by Psychic Halo x4168

PathForward welcomes you to tune out the noises of the day and tune in to our tranquil guided mediation series, The Mindful Path. Breathe in, breathe out and let’s begin.



Episode 15

New beginnings are constantly happening all around us. Sometimes these beginnings are very noticeable, like the excitement of welcoming in a new year or the coming of spring when the animal kingdom is abuzz. Sometimes they are more personal, like the first day in a new city or at a new job. Either way there is something special about new beginnings. This meditation is all about honoring that fresh/new feeling.

The main focus will be on opening yourself up to new love which doesn't just have to be a partner. It can be a child, fur baby, friend, family, love of a new job or hobby, or even a new life experience. We will honor love on all sides and contemplate intuitive questions about love and let your life answer.


I am Halo. Thank you for inviting me to facilitate your guided meditation today. Let's begin. The cycles of life require beginnings and endings. There must be old and there must be new for the balance of life to exist. In this meditation, we are focusing on what is NEW and how to be more open to new love.

Start by being present. Intend to be fully engaged in this meditation. If your mind wanders or you get distracted, just reaffirm that nothing is more important than you right now and you are practicing self-love as best you can in this moment. Breathe deeply. 

Let your eyelids lower but don't close them. And allow your eyes to drift to the right side of your body. Ask your own mind, body, spirit, and intuition the following question: "In what way could I be more open to finding new love?" Breathing yourself deeper into your mind, into your body... Notice what you notice. And if you want, you can reverse the question by saying: "In what ways can I now be more open to receiving new love?"

Then, allow your state of being to respond. Allow the answer to unfold throughout the upcoming days and weeks. Just be with the question. 

When ready, let your eyes drift to the left of your body. And if you need more time feel free to pause this recording. With your eyelids lowered and your eyes focused on the left side of your body, state the following: "In what ways could I easily and effortlessly forgive and heal the past so that I am now more present and can prepare for the future?" Inhale and exhale.

At the pace that feels right for you, lift your head, and look above, and ask this question: "What would it feel like to be even more open? More open than I ever have been before to true love? Feel what you feel in response to that question.

And then letting your head lower to center and looking forward. Declare the following statement as true: "I am now affirming that I am open, ready, willing, and able to embrace the present." And follow that statement, that declaration with the following question: "How can I surrender the details of how and when it comes to me and instead simply accept the best moment by moment?" Good.

We are going to close it off by echoing self-love on all sides. Open your eyes. Let your eyelids be raised. Look down and say aloud, "I LOVE MYSELF." Think of behind you and looking behind you and saying, "I love myself." Again, looking up, "I love myself. To the left., I love myself. To the right, I love myself. To the front, I am loved and I am lovable.

And indeed it is infinitely so. You have my gratitude for joining me in this guided meditation, I will leave you with a prayer to the Divine. And that prayer is, that you are given magical ways of expressing more self-love. Blessed be. This is Halo, signing off.


Psychic Halo x4168
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