Developing Your Psychic Skills to Help Others by Psychic Judy
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Developing Your Psychic Skills to Help Others by Psychic Judy

May 08, 2024 by Psychic Judy x7073
Developing your psychic skills to help others can be one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do.
Developing your psychic skills to help others can be one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do.

Have you ever felt like you have many spiritual gifts but just can’t figure out what way to use them in your own personal life? Or maybe you already work with your gifts of intuition, clairvoyancy, or dream interpretation and would love to use them to help others? Developing your psychic skills to help others can be one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do.

Let’s look at the different ways you can put them to good use whether it’s for yourself or to help others. We’ll also discuss how to create pathways to help support you and stay grounded while you dig deeply into your gifts or psychic powers to create the success you so deeply deserve in your life. 

Learning How to Ground Your Energy

Let’s start off with some very important tools for grounding yourself before we get started with your own psychic superpowers. Let’s face it, people that are gifted or psychic are highly sensitive people. So being grounded is going to be one the most important factors of being successful in creating the clarity you are seeking. Whether it is your own intuition, clairvoyancy, or your ability to do dream interpretation, it’s very important to learn grounding tools to help you while you expand and grow to help yourself and help others.

Finding the right grounding tools can be fun and will be different for everyone. I’m going to list a few helpful tools to keep you grounded below. Play around with one or all of them and see what works for you.

  • First, it’s important to create an environment in your own personal space where you can spend time meditating daily. Make scheduling time to meditate a priority and make sure you designated mediation space is relaxing.
  • Also add a little conscious breathing technique to support you to create mindfulness when you are feeling un- grounded. Once you get good at it, you can practice any time and any place.
  • You may enjoy placing some crystals and healing stones inside your personal space, like black tourmaline or a smoky quartz stone which are both known for grounding and protection assistance.
  • You may enjoy spending some time in nature, even walking barefooted a bit. That is a great way to get more grounded and just enjoy some well-deserved one on one time with nature. When you run across a tree stop to take a moment to hug the tree and connect with the nurturing feeling you get from the tree you chose to hug. I promise you that you will get a hug back in return if you really connect and let go of everything that is not serving you in the moment. Pay deep attention to where your mind is going to completely enjoy your experience walking barefoot in the wilderness.
  • You can also take a salt bath to help release any built-up energies that may be compromising your ability to feel grounded. 

 walking barefoot in nature

How to Enhance Your Psychic Abilities

Now that we have established some great ways to accomplish and assist in keeping yourself grounded let’s take the next step into discovering some of the ways to enhance your psychic powers.

How to Strengthen Your Intuition

Let’s start off with your intuition first. Using your intuition regularly, whether it be for you or to assist in helping others, can create a magical life full of purpose.  Working with your intuition will help you feel more at peace and empowered. Not only will you feel like you are in alignment with your soul purpose, but you can also help lead others to theirs.

There are several ways to sharpen your intuition. First let’s define what intuition is, it’s the ability to access resources knowledge, without recourse to conscious reasoning or an explanation of what is truly happening.

To tap into your intuition, you will need to let go of the need to control and practice just letting your imagination open up. While you are training your intuition do your best to let go of any stressors that may be going on in your life now. You may find it very helpful to meditate and or journal before tapping into your intuition. As you start getting used to freeing up your mind, start tapping into your third eye. This may also take some practice but after a while it will become very easy, like turning a light switch on and off. As you journey into your third eye begin to connect to yourself or the person you are trying to assist.

When you have achieved this goal, and you feel you have it, begin to tap into the feelings and words you receive. You may find it helpful to write down what you receive down at first. After a while you will be able to do it with so much ease that you will not have to write it down anymore. You will just be able to speak it to the person you are trying to help and/or yourself.


How to Develop Your Natural Clairvoyancy 

Now let’s look at how you can use your clairvoyancy to assist in your own personal life and the life of others. Clairvoyancy means clear seeing. It connects you with your intuition in a visual way. You receive visions, symbols, and images that can be interpreted to provide answers for yourself and others that you may desire to help. This can help you and the people that cross your path make decisions with ease and have less fear present in everyday life.

When practicing this it’s great to have a journal—whether it’s only yours or is used specifically for the other person you’re helping. It’s important to review this journal regularly, to see if there are any patterns in when the visions, symbols, and images appear, what they could be linked to, and what they mean. All the things you see will put a story together that will show you things that will be happening in the present or future.

With practice and patience, you will find the gift of Clairvoyancy will impact your life and the life of others in a unique and profound way. So, believe me, it’s worth all the practice and patience you put into it. Always remember if you have any difficulty in achieving your goals with your abilities, we have many advisors here on the site that would be more than happy to help you along the way.  

 dream symbolism

How to Improve Your Dream Interpretation Abilities

Learning to understand your dreams and the dreams of others is a magical way to get a view to things that may be going to happen as life goes forward. Traditionally, people have worked with their dreams to learn about things that will be happening in the future. In addition, working with dreams is also a powerful way to unravel deeply held emotions, ones that are more easily dealt with in the context of a dream. Dream interpretation can be a therapeutic tool that brings wisdom and insight, as well as be a way to get a lighter outlook on life. When we learn how to work with and interpret our dreams, we can create more peace of mind for ourselves and others.

As with clairvoyancy, it will take lots of practice for some to define just what the meaning of your dreams are. A dream meaning guide can help, but the best thing you can do is start to write down your dreams as soon as you can after waking up. Journaling about your dreams will be one of the greatest tools to determine if they are meant for future happening or emotional processing. You may find some symbols or situations repeatedly appear in your dreams. Understanding them will help you find out the dream’s meaning.

Keep I mind that most times dreams can be multifaceted. They can have several meanings, not just one. If you have a hard time finding the meaning of them, please reach out to one of our trusted advisors to help you discover the mystery involved in them.


Practice Makes Perfect   

Always remember, some of the best ways to sharpen your intuition, clairvoyancy, or dream interoperation is to practice on yourself and close friends that understand and have experienced some of the same experiences you have. You can also pick out a special deck of angel oracle cards or tarot cards to assist you.

Also remember if at any time you a question you can reach me here at extension 7037 or any of our other very talented advisors here on Pathforward. We would be more than willing to help you dive into understanding your psychic powers and helping you stay grounded at the same time. So please don’t hesitate, just pick up the phone and give us a call today. 




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