Tarot Journaling for Self-Reflection
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Tarot Journaling for Self-Reflection

December 27, 2023 by PathForward
A quick daily tarot reading can help you set intentions and reflect.
A quick daily tarot reading can help you set intentions and reflect.

So, you got your own tarot deck and you don't know where to start. Maybe you're asking yourself, "What are my tarot cards good for? Can these cards do more than just predict the future?" The tarot goes way beyond predictions. In fact, tarot journaling may be one of the most versatile tools you can use to further your personal growth. When you know how to really tap into the power of tarot, it becomes an invaluable tool for self-reflection.


Can You Read Your Own Tarot?

Um, totally! While it's always useful to turn to an intuitive Psychic Reader for guidance through the tarot, you can easily make tarot reading a part of your daily routine for self-reflection. In fact, regularly doing simple tarot spreads for self-discovery can become an essential tool for understanding yourself better. You know, like finding answers to those burning questions like, "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?" that tend to pop up in the shower and otherwise derail your concentration.

The key to reading tarot cards for yourself is going with clear intentions. If you try to do a prediction read, you're looking for clues to what will happen to you in the future. Self-reads work best, however, when you use the tarot to uncover meaning for yourself. Think of tarot cards like a roadmap, giving you symbolism and material so you can find meaning for yourself as you assess your future. Tarot cards are a tool, a physical medium that will point your mind in a particular direction and aid your contemplation. As in, the perfect tool for self-reflection!


Tips for Using Tarot To Self-Reflect

Pick up your cards and try these simple ways to do self-reflection with tarot:


How to Use Daily Readings for Self-Reflection

Want a super simple way to use tarot for self-discovery? Do a reading on the daily. You don't need to get up close and personal with complex spreads for this, so it's a great way for even total beginners to see results. You'll just pull one, single tarot card every day (ideally in the morning) for insight into the coming day. Make it part of your morning routine, as natural (and essential) as your cup of coffee.

Daily card readings can let you set intentions for the day ahead so you start every day with purpose. These readings also help you get more familiar with your cards so you get a sense of tarot card meaning and how that directly relates to you. Your daily reading practice encourages self-reflection at the end of the day, too, as you'll get to look for ways the card may resonate when you reflect on the day's actual happenings.

So, how do you do this daily draw? Pour yourself a mug of tea or coffee, then sit alone quietly with your deck. Focus your breathing and shuffle the cards before selecting one card from any part of the deck.

Then, observe. Just look at the card for a few minutes. You can ask yourself some guiding questions, holding the thoughts in your mind or journaling, if you'd like. Ask yourself about what card you drew and that tarot card's meaning and consider how the tarot card and meaning are relevant to something good (or bad) in your life.

Once you have your questions in mind, start to meditate on the situation. Close your eyes and sit still, clearing your mind and doing some focused breathing. As you think about the problem and work through any questions that come up, write down the card you drew and the specific day along with any thoughts or solutions you discovered through that draw. In addition to setting intentions for the day ahead, you'll create a record you can look back on as you reflect on your personal growth over time.


Use Tarot Spreads To Self-Reflect

You can also use tarot spreads specifically designed for self-reflection. You'll need to ask yourself some questions that let you dive deep into your inner feelings. This might feel uncomfortable sometimes, but isn't growth all about facing difficult questions head-on? Tarot spreads allow you to get to know areas of yourself that you need to work on, so you can then live your best life based on the truths you discover.

 Tarot journaling

Create a Tarot Journal

Tarot and journaling make a great pair, especially when it comes to self-reflection. So, whip out that notebook and add it to your tarot routine. You just need to perform your usual tarot readings (like that daily draw and any spreads) and then reflect on what comes up, writing down your thoughts.

Intentionally reflecting with the aid of a journal boosts the self-discovery part of tarot as it encourages you to reflect more deeply on what you see in the cards. Again, you can also look back on previous entries to see what you've learned along the way — and how far you've come.


Meditate on a Card

Want another natural pairing? Tarot cards and meditation. When you pull a card, take self-reflection to the next level and meditate on the card and what it means to you. Don't freak out if the relevance of a given card isn't clear right away. When you meditate on the card, you become better at tapping into your subconscious and reflecting on the possibilities. You can also meditate before you start a reading to get your mind in the right place and open yourself to your intuition.


Let the Tarot Be Your Guide

All in all, you'll want to release yourself and let the tarot guide you. Relinquishing control is often the scariest part of self-discovery, but it's super rewarding, too. Ask the tarot to guide you and use the reading as a roadmap toward your course of action or decision making. You'll need to surrender completely and simply trust the tarot's wisdom, which can feel scary at first but will ultimately be liberating as you develop and follow your own intuition.

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