How To Use Psychic Predictions for Personal Growth
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How To Use Psychic Predictions for Personal Growth

March 15, 2024 by Psychic Titus x4059
What good is a prediction if you don't know what to do with it?
What good is a prediction if you don't know what to do with it?

For thousands of years, people have turned to psychics for guidance on life's biggest questions. In olden times, priests and priestesses conveyed answers about major crises (wars, treaties, plagues, disasters, state marriages, and politics) to leaders and generals. But that didn’t mean that psychic insight was available only to the rich and powerful. Ordinary people often had access to practitioners more in tune with everyday interests - who often had equal (or greater) psychic capacity as the ones who answered to kings and emperors.

Whether a psychic practitioner lives in a palace or a hut in the woods, the source of information is the Spiritual World. Although the Spiritual World is removed from our own, it has a better view of the forces at play in the material world and can oversee what happens there. This article will address how to make the most of the power-wording of questions put to different spirit-minds from human up to divine.

How Psychic Predictions Were Used in the Past

A good illustration of how to make the best use of prediction is to look back at how people approached it in olden times. People haven’t changed much over the ages, nor have their questions. And then, as now, the nature of events on our plane of existence could be perceived either psychically or supernaturally by gifted individuals.

The greatest forecaster of the ancient world was the Delphic Oracle. She gave predictions about serious issues. Those predictions were interpreted by priests, and plans of action were decided based on her predictions and their interpretations.

The Delphic Oracle mainly handled questions that could affect the fate of leaders or large groups of people, but there were everyday seers too. They lived among the people they served, keeping their connection to higher worlds, and offering their services to those who needed it.

There are many of these types of seers in the Old Testament of the Bible. The prophet Samuel handled both humble and lofty questions. Not only did he tell Saul how to find his lost herd of donkeys, but he also made accurate predictions about the fate of the Israelite nation.

The Delphic Oracle

What Factors Play into Psychic Predictions

Whether they were predicting the fate of a nation or the location of livestock, psychics usually took three things into account when making their predictions. The first is Time. The second is outside circumstances, which includes the whole mass of people connected to the question. Finally, they took into account the mystery of Choice (free will, essential to be a real person/entity). 

Time often tied into the preparation that needed to be done prior to getting the prediction. And back then, it was an accepted part of the process to ensure true (and hopefully favorable) answers from higher powers. Preparation also demonstrated respect for the psychic’s efforts and any higher powers/ beings who had a better overview of human affairs. Deep preparation wasn’t necessary all the time as normal psychic gifts can answer many questions. But when dealing with issues involving destiny or communication with the dead, it helps to take a more prepared approach.

The rest of the reading depends on the psychic and the higher wisdom they tap into in order to receive an answer. The spirit-intelligences we work with see the situation and the forces at work around it, then convey to us. The rest is technique and how strong the connection is.

For those of us using devices (like the Tarot or I-Ching) to provide details, the use of hands, in things like shuffling or throwing coins, provides an opportunity for spiritual involvement and a safe boundary in the risks of channeling. It’s worth noting that not all attendant entities are good, even when they are truthful. It takes discernment and experience to understand who and what we are dealing with.

How to Approach a Psychic Reading

Although you don’t need to do anything elaborate before getting a reading, you’ll find that some preparation will give you the best results. This is especially true when it comes to asking your question. The questions you ask a psychic should be direct, but they should also be crafted to give you the most useful answer. To come up with good questions to ask a psychic, a querent (client) should have two things in mind:

  • What do you need to know to have some peace of mind?
  • How does the answer to your question lead you to the desired wish or outcome?

Contemplating these two issues will be helpful no matter what kind of question you have. Take some time, like a day or two, to really figure out what you need to know.

Can You Ask a Psychic the Same Question Later?

It is alright to ask the same question again at a later time, but depending on the seer's technique, it will be the same type of spirits providing the information again. Some spirits can be touchy about receiving the same question in less than a month's time (which is the ancient gap for seeking answers to a previous inquiry). A month is usually a good time to check in again. Unlike horoscope forecasting, which can cast a broad net over events and situations over a long period of time, psychic prediction by nature involves shorter time.

How Does Free Will Come into Play with Psychic Predictions?

Be mindful of free will. Free ranging in matter is a law of nature, but psychics can pick up on its limits and predict effects. Generally, the environments of any action are unchanging. Picture a mouse in a maze. That maze typically will not change much. However, the mouse can turn left or right, or even hop a barrier. It can choose its destination, even the maze itself stays the same. This is human free will and may well apply to other things in creation too. 

Mouse taking a shortcut in a maze

How Emotions Affect Psychic Readings

Another important thing to remember is the role emotion plays in psychic work. Often, questions about feelings, especially the kind of questions that do not lead to actions, will draw mixed answers. Spiritual guides, being a little removed from bodily feelings, will "cut to the chase" in describing one reality from another. Guides do well with actions. They can read the world of thoughts and feelings easily enough, but thoughts and feelings seldom cross into reality. They also come and go very quickly.

In my experience, the difference between male and female questioners can be seen in the focus they give to feelings in their questions. In love questions, a female client may ask what a love interest's feelings are. Framing the question as "What will the person's feelings for me become?" will gain a clearer response. Another direct way to ask the question could be "Will this person I am seeing be happy with me?"  An oracle can give you an answer about feelings, yes. But in most situations, a more useful answer will point you towards a result or goal.

Men and women are different on some levels in how each views life, but both can use the technique natural to each.

Many Men do:

Emotion/intention + Question = action/ reflection.  

Many Women do: 

Emotion/thought + Question = reflection/ action.

In love matters, always consider the reflection / action balance as this influences things, like who is likely to reach out and who is likely to pursue first. In matters of business or family, inquire about the maze of present and future circumstances and how to gage the reactions of persons of interest.

How Long Do I Need to Talk to a Psychic to Get My Question Answered?

If a client has made time to reflect and has a clear picture of what to ask, they can get clear and accurate answers fairly quickly. The best block of time allowance for good answers is three minutes. If you have more time, you can express any additional wishes for your final outcome, framed as add-on questions.

You can greatly enhance life quality with psychic readings, minimizing or entirely avoiding the occasions where your happiness and security are threatened. Always be mindful of intensions and blockages to your will. Using concentration/visualization when asking a question prompts clear and speedy responses. Psychic prediction, if used wisely, can lay the foundation for good living and successful realization of happiness.

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