The Lost Art of Letting Go
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The Lost Art of Letting Go

May 13, 2021 by Psychic Halo x4168
When should you let go? When holding on becomes toxic.
When should you let go? When holding on becomes toxic.

The growth and change you desire are just around the corner once you heal the fear of Letting Go and choose to surrender. 

When it comes to LOVE, what does letting go really mean? What is it to surrender? What does it look like to move on? 

Does letting go mean never thinking about the person again? No.  

Does it mean cutting off your feelings? No.  

Does it mean cutting someone completely out of your life forever? Not in all cases. 
Does it mean punishing the other person so they've suffered too before you move on? Absolutely not! 

Letting go does not mean being harsh or unkind to yourself or others. It's actually the process of accepting things as they are and stepping back so that you can clearly assess things. It's the process of being introspective and realistic. Think of a picture. When your nose is directly close to the picture, you can't see anything but that small part of the picture. When you step back for the picture, you can really see it in its entirety. The same is true in love. When you step back, you become less attached to things happening when and how you want, which is where the suffering comes from. The disappointment caused by our controlling energy is what makes us upset. Surrender is allowing. Allowing is accepting, and accepting is trusting what is and what will be. 

To help you discover your motivations for why you haven't let go, ask yourself these questions: 

  1. If I knew someone better was right around the corner, would I stay with my partner?
  2. What are the underlining reasons I'm holding on? 
  3. Am I unwilling to let go because I'm embarrassed by a breakup? 
  4. Am I trying to force things?
  5. Is it worth the pain I'm putting myself through? 
  6. Do I really want this person, or am I afraid of being alone or not fitting in with my friends who are in relationships? 
  7. What do I truly want in my life?

The answers to these questions will help empower you to take the right actions to have the life you desire. Regardless of the outcome of the relationship, give yourself permission to feel better NOW. Not when someone becomes what you want them to be and not until your love life is perfect. Love yourself enough to go through the process of letting go of what's not working. You don't have to do this on your own. Speaking with a therapist and or a psychic can help. Letting go looks different for each person, so don't compare yourself. Just love yourself. 


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